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Ono Ozaki’s Eight Trials for Self-Defense

The Eight Trials by Ono OzakiOno Ozaki’s Eight Trials for Personal Defense!

In the remake film Point Break there are 8 tests that the robbers must do called the eight tests of Ono Ozaki, in reality they do not exist but it is a cinematographic invention, but now I want to offer you the self-defense version of the eight tests of Ono Ozaki that you have to pass.

These eight tests by Ono Ozaki will put you in totally different conditions that you need to know.Ono Ozaki's Eight Trials for Self-Defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ono Ozaki+1’s 8 Tests for Personal Defense

  1. Emerging Force: It is overcome by facing an extreme sparring challenge of 3 rounds of 5 minutes, the 1st Round of Boxing, the 2nd Round of Muay Thai and then the 3rd Round of MMA.
  2. Origin of Sky: This test is passed by sparring on a climb with a slope typical of a garage ramp (They serve people on the side of those who are at the bottom and Attention!! Don’t do this exercise on the stairs EVER!!). The goal is to get to the top.
  3. Awakening Earth: You overcome yourself by fighting on the ground dressed complete as if you were dating your friend or girlfriend with a Jiu Jitsu wrestling expert, first on the tatami, then on a floor.
  4. Life of Water – Life of Water: This test is overcome by making a meeting inside 30 cm of water and then moving into a pool where you do not touch. (People around for security always!!).
  5. Life of Wind: You overcome by
    doing sparring
    with earplugs and blaring music through a long path made up of people selected will attack you without warning.
  6. Life of Ice: This test is passed by making a sparring match over the snow and then over a slab of ice. (On the ice put knee pads and elbow pads).
  7. Master of Six Lives: Master of Six Lives It is overcome by protecting your friend or girlfriend with your bare hands from 6 attackers , theso-called herd. Your protective partner must be able to call a number, and you must if you can both escape.
  8. Act of Extreme Faith – Act of Ultimate Trust: Ozaki’s last test is passed by doing a sparring practically in the dark and to finish you will have to do it for 30 seconds blindfolded (your friends can guide you).
  9. Between the tip and the blade edge: But it wasn’t 8??. You told us that before. №!! That’s about the movie, that’s the reality. You’ll have to make a 3-round match of 3 minutes of short knife fencing, then 2 rounds of 1 minute of knife against bare hands with different dynamics a fence is one of assault, 1 round where you have the knife and attacks.
    Ono Ozaki's Eight Trials for Self-Defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ps. In all eight ono ozaki trials you have to wear the necessary protections to ensure your own safety and that of the people who will be your partner. I recommend maximum security in all tests.

Pss. I did not intentionally enter situations with firearms because this evidence relates to all sparring conditions. Ono Ozaki's Eight Trials for Self-Defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


These Eight+1 trials by Ono Ozaki highlight the limits and merits of these situations, and you’ll discover many aspects you need to work on, and importantly you’ll free yourself from what is the fiction you’ve become accustomed to with decades of imaginative and unreal movies.

I’m here to rid you of stupid beliefs!!

It is important that you know the reality to use the right strategy and prevention, avoiding putting yourself in situations that can be limiting and dangerous for you, not doing what you have always seen do in movies, always keep yourself safe.

Stay Tuned! And take ono Ozaki’s eight-test test for personal defense.

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