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Learn the rudiments of Muay Thai for self-defense

Learn the rudiments of Muay Thai for self-defense

Muay Thai for personal defense!

Learn muay thai rudiments for personal defense.

The MUAY THAI is the most practical and among the most impressive and effective system in the world.

Try to be honest with yourself, because any self-defense system that does NOT incorporate THAI BOXING into its training is really losing the knowledge of one of the most effective combat system in the world.

One of the most effective and practical arts ever created.

One of the first things you need to learn is Muay Thai.

Because I tell you this for a few but essential reasons:

  • Built-in fist and elbow shots,
  • Leg gamba and knee strokes,
  • The Clinch and the imbalances.

These are fundamentals regarding striking in personal defense so don’t waste time on other systems but study these fundamentals.

At Expert Fighting Tips we believe the best training is to start having a basic training in Thai Boxing and
before moving on to other systems.


Learn how to use your NATURAL weapons

Without an understanding of how to use your natural weapons like Fists, Elbows, Knees, Tibies and Feet you really will never have the ability to defend yourself.

DON’T defend yourself against something you don’t know!!!

If you do not understand how to use your natural weapons effectively, how can you hope to be able to defend yourself from these types of attacks??

Muay Thai also provides you with incredible cardiovascular and fitness activity, the ability to generate power, speed and timing that are needed for Personal Defense.

Muay Thai
Your Training in Muay Thai will pay off a lot when you study other systems as well.

With a background in Muay Thai, it is much easier to understand other amazing arts such as MMA, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Savate, dirty boxing arts.

Ps. I believe that the Muay Thai combined with the Panantukan (Filipino boxing) is one of the most lethal naked-footed systems on the planet for real combat with the necessary adaptations to the context and illegal shots that are banned in sports competitions.

Stay Tuned! Muay Thai for personal defense!

Trainers now in Muay Thai!

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Written by Andrea

Instructor and enthusiast of Self Defence and Fight Sport.

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