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The Teachings of Bruce Lee

The Teachings of Bruce Lee

The teachings of Bruce Lee.

For Bruce Lee, martial art means expressing oneself, it was his way.

Lee has written many phrases that make us think with their simplicity and that shake with their strength the system of ideas of our society.

May this message be the door to improve you and your life.

If you think something is impossible, it will become so. Pessimism ticks off the weapons you need to win.

Bruce Lee, New104.

Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial arts performers in the 20th century.

Many still regard him today as a legend and his philosophy remains alive through his words and writings.

Bruce Lee taught first of all to live his life to the fullest, without giving up and without giving in to the prejudices and limits imposed by others.

Bruce Lee taught to take his own life –in every field.

This short post is about some bruce lee teachings that I want you to read that talk about martial arts and life.

Martial arts are not only combat often contain many reflections because they are one of the human artistic forms that lay you bare most with yourself, because you can not bleed, combat is something that leads to the essential and a primordial state man.

Bruce Lee was very attentive both to the study of combat but also to the philosophical aspects it generated.

The Teachings of Bruce Lee Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportHere are some thoughts from Bruce Lee:


The character.

Once you have a character, you have developed a rigid system .

Your behavior is petrified, predictable, and you lose the ability to interact freely with the world and all your resources.

You are predisposed to interact with events in one way, that is, in the way dictated by your character.

It therefore seems a paradox when I say that the richest person, the most productive, the creative person is the one who does not have a character.

In our society, we demand that a person must have a character, and above all a “good” character, because so it is predictable, can be controlled, and so on.

Fear arises from uncertainty.

When we are absolutely certain of our value and our lack of value, we become virtually impassive in the face of fear.

The feeling of not having the least value can become a source of courage.

“Themental emptiness is a state of fullness in which the mind works freely and easily, without the feeling of a second mirror or ego on top of it with a stick.”

“If you make a donkey of yourself, there will always be someone ready to ride you.”

“Tochange,to become another thing, we must first know what we are.”

The uniqueness of all life is a truth that can only be fully understood when the false notion of an individual self is eliminated forever, with a destiny separated from the All!

Life is something for which there is no answer, which must be understood from moment to moment: the answer we might find would inevitably conform to the pattern of what we think we know.

Think of the past in terms of remembering events and pleasant, profitable and satisfying results. Think about the present in terms of challenges and opportunities, and the rewards you’ll get with the application of your talents and energies. As for the future, it is a time and place where every worthy ambition you possess will be within your reach.

To understand and live today,it is necessary to forget everything about yesterday. You die continuously from every experience you have recently gained, keeping yourself in a state of awareness of CIO’ THAT IS


Here are some of his lessons in 11 points:

1. Objectives

“A goal is not always meant to be achieved, it often serves simply as something to aim for.”

Focus on travel, not just the destination.

Enjoy every moment and experience the present to the best, do not let the eagerness to achieve the goal close your eyes to the wonder of the moment.


2. Flexibility

“The stiffest tree can break easily, while bamboo or willow survive by bending to the wind”

Try looking around: the happiest people are the most flexible.

Don’t stiffen up on your beliefs, don’t try to control and manipulate the people and environment around you.

The perfection of the body. The art of expressing the physical and the mind at its best


3. Time

“If you love life, don’t waste time, because time is what life is made of.”

There’s no time to procrastinate, make excuses, and succumb to your fears. Don’t waste your time, boldly start your dreams.


4. Service

“Living for real means living for others.”

The most satisfying way to live is to help and enrich the lives of others.

Do not close yourself in and in your desires, give instead to others and your life will shine with happiness.


5. Acceptance

“Don’t worry about what’s right or wrong.”

If we want to live our lives to the best of our ability, we must learn to let go of the harshest judgment, prejudices and convictions.

You don’t have to be right or wrong, or be better than someone else.


6. Decisiveness

“I’m not afraid of the man who kicked 10,000 kicks once, but I’m afraid the man who played a kick 10,000 times.”

If you want to get results, you need to focus on what you intend to do, without jumping from one task to another.

Don’t give up, keep practicing.


7. Creativity

“Use no way as a way, use no limitation as a limitation.”

You don’t wear limits. Even if a master tells you something is impossible, it doesn’t mean it is. Be creative, look for alternative solutions.

Listen to yourself and do what exalts you.


8. Simplicity

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

Simplify your life and eliminate the superfluous.

We have been taught to consume and accumulate material goods.

Thankfully, we’re starting to realize that this doesn’t work.

Happiness comes from within, not from outside.

Simplicity helps you find the clarity and peace of mind.

Thoughts that strike. Bruce Lee’s aphorisms for everyday life


9. Find Your Path

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely yours.”

We’re all unique.

To get your bearings, listen to your heart. Learn from others and from life, but remain the architect of your destiny


10. Get busy

“Knowing is not enough, you need to apply yourself; availability is not enough, it must be done.”

You can read as much information as you want, but if you don’t act, nothing will happen.

You have to start moving if you want to get to the goal.


11. EGO

“Martial arts is ultimately self-knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to beat the person in front of you, but to beat the hell of your ego and your fear.”

Everything you do involves your ego.

It is the ego that is afraid.

The ego wants to stay where things are comfortable, convenient and safe.

If you listen to your heart, you know this is not the path for you.

Accept the fear inside you and keep moving.

Follow your dream and do it boldly.



This is also part of martial arts.

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Con una passione per la difesa personale e gli sport da combattimento, mi distinguo come praticante e fervente cultore e ricercatore sulle metodologie di allenamento e strategie di combattimento. La mia esperienza abbraccia un vasto panorama di discipline: dal dinamismo del Boxing alla precisione del Muay Thai, dalla tecnica del Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all'energia del Grappling, dal Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) all'intensità del Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Non solo insegno, ma vivo la filosofia di queste arti, affinando costantemente metodi e programmi di allenamento che trascendono il convenzionale. La mia essenza si riflette nell'autodifesa: Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), Dirty Boxing, Silat, l'efficacia del Jeet Kune Do & Kali, l'arte della scherma con coltelli e bastoni, e la tattica delle armi da fuoco. Incarno la filosofia "Street Fight Mentality", un approccio senza fronzoli, diretto e strategico, unito a un "State Of Love And Trust" che bilancia l'intensità con la serenità. Oltre al tatami, la mia curiosità e competenza si spingono verso orizzonti diversi: un blogger professionista con la penna sempre pronta, un bassista dal groove inconfondibile e un artigiano del coltello, dove ogni lama è un racconto di tradizione e innovazione. Questa sinfonia di abilità non solo definisce la mia identità professionale, ma dipinge il ritratto di un individuo che nella diversità trova la sua unica e inconfondibile voce e visione. Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport! Andrea


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