Personal defense is not like asking for coffee

Personal defense is not like asking for coffee

Personal defense is not like asking for coffee,it is intense, it is hot, it is dark, mysterious, likes and fascinates all people even if in different ways and reasons but why do I tell you this?.

Because it’s something you can’t ask someone else to do for you.

You can have your own bodyguard, you can have a gun but it will never be like being yourself able to defend yourself because you will always depend on another.


Do you want to be or not to be??

I already know the answer, but it requires your commitment.

Everyone wants to be but few are willing to do something to do it, it always remains a word in the wind, a promise, a good purpose at the end of summer but in certain countries remember that always summer so every day is good to start being and do something you have never done.

You have to acquire quality and ability to feel within yourself flow a skill that only you have and not another or another.

This means that you will be required a lot of commitment and dedication on your part if you really want to learn to defend yourself whatever art you choose, whether it’s Traditional Martial Arts or more modern Martial Arts, Personal Defense or Combat Sports but your commitment will be repaid with a value you can’t even imagine.

The difference is not the martial art but you do it YOU!!! and the METHOD you’re training with.

If you decide to take this path then know that it will not be like having a coffee, that you can ask a beautiful waitress, because here there are no discounts but there are only you with yourself and your determination to learn something that will profoundly change your perception of life whatever your social status.

Money doesn’t count here.

Personal defense is not like asking for coffee

You think you have money and so you can take “a taxi or a plane” to go faster, it won’t make a difference in this martial reality.

The only thing that can make a difference is the choice of a good teacher, a good school but still nothing will change as regards your constancy, your commitment and your determination to learn.

This is something only for you but that will give you immense value for the rest of your life, in friendships, in your work, in your private sphere, in the perception of life and the world in general, you will be a new, better, more beautiful person.

Have fun and start “playing” with martial arts, experiment and try more than one until you find the one that responds most to your personality, deepen but do not stop, go further, there is no reason why you only have to make one and indeed more than one at the same time.

You will discover your way by doing how you can go “beyond”, how changing your personality will change your martial art and the kind of art you will look for to express more and more your inner side more hidden to bring it to light and make it shine.

Today, not only men but more and more women are embarking on a martial, sporting or personal defense path!

Everyone will notice the change, your gaze, your energy and ask you what you have done, but even if you explain it they cannot imagine the toils, disappointments, fears faced and the strength that served to get up several times, the sweat day after day you poured, now you are your guide, you are your awareness of what you thought you could not be and now you are.

Study, busy, every day, it’s just you!!!

Stay Tuned! Personal defense is not like asking for coffee!

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