More than 6 million women victims of violence

women victims of violence

More than 6 million women victims of violence.

Violence against women is an increasing phenomenon which requires resources and more attention.

In the first ten months of 2016, in Italy,more than one woman was killed every three days.

A total of 116 people were killed.

The year 2015 ended with 128 killings.

Most of the crimes, according to the Third Eures Report on Femicide in Italy,published on the occasion of the World Day Against Violence against Women on 25 November, took place in the family.

The region with the most recorded is Lombardy with 20 victims, followed by Veneto, with 13, and Campania with 12.

Northern Italy is the part of the country where more women have been killed and cutting weapons are the most used by the attackers.

The types of violence:

As istat estimates, more than sixmillion Italians have been attacked, including sexual assaults, by partners, former companions, friends, colleagues or strangers.

Of those who have experienced sexual violence, 10.6% are under the age of 16.

This type of abuse is carried out, in most cases, by the current partner or the previous one.

Now talking about stalking a phenomenon unfortunately increasingly growing where more than three million women can be called “victims of stalking”.

Of these, as ISTATreveals,78% have not approached any institution for help.

40.4 of the women handled the situation on their own, without leaning on a facility because they were convinced they could deal with the stalker on their own.

Those who chose to get help, on the contrary, mostly turned to the police, but only 48 then filed a complaint or lawsuit.

women victims of violence

This attitude of not turning to the services in charge to provide help is wrong and is a mistake not to be underestimated, it is necessary not to pass off these attitudes as a passing event because the escalation that can arise can lead to real persecution.

More than 6 million women victims of violence Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Violence against women inside and outside the family

Violence against women is a widespread and widespread phenomenon.

One of the many shames of mankind.

The numbers say that 6 million 788 thousand women have suffered some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, 31.5% of women between the age of 16 and 70:

  • 20.2% experienced physical violence,
  • 21 sexual assault,
  • 5.4 most serious forms of sexual violence such as rape and attempted rape.

652,000 women have been raped and 746,000 have been raped.

  • Foreign women experienced physical or sexual violence to a similar extent to Italian women during their lifetime (31.3% and 31.5%).
  • Physical violence is more frequent among foreigners (25.7 vs. 19.6), while sexual violence is more frequent among Italians (21.5 vs. 16.2).
  • Foreign women are much more prone to rape and attempted rape (7.7 vs. 5.1). Moldovan (37.3), Romanian (33.9) and Ukrainian (33.2) women experience more violence.

Current or former partners commit the most serious violence.

62.7 of rapes are committed by a current or former partner.

Sexual harassment perpetrators are strangers in most cases (76.8).

10.6% of women experienced sexual violence before the age of 16.

Considering the total violence suffered by women with children, the percentage of children who have witnessed violence against their mother increases (from 60.3% of the 2006 figure to 65.2% recorded in 2014)

Women who were separated or divorced experienced physical or sexual violence to a greater extent than the others (51.4% as against 31.5%).

It also criticises the situation of women with health or disability problems: 36% of those in poor health and 36.6% of those with severe limitations have experienced physical or sexual violence.

The risk of being raped or attempted rape is double (10 compared to 4.7 of women without problems).

women victims of violence

There are important signs of improvement compared to the previous survey: in the last 5 years, physical or sexual violence has increased from 13.3 to 11.3, compared to the 5 years prior to 2006.

This is the result of more information, of field work, but above all of a better ability of women to prevent and combat the phenomenon and a social climate of greater condemnation of violence.

Both physical and sexual violence is declining, from partners and former partners (from 5.1 to 4 physics, from 2.8 to 2 sexual) as well as non-partners (from 9 to 7.7).

The decline is particularly marked for female students, ranging from 17.1 to 11.9 in the case of former partners, from 5.3 to 2.4 from current partners and from 26.5 to 22 as non-partners.

Psychological violence from the current partner also declined sharply (from 42.3 to 26.4), especially if not accompanied by physical and sexual violence.

The increased ability of women to get out of violent relationships or to prevent them is also accompanied by increased awareness.

More often they consider violence suffered a crime (from 14.3% to 29.6% for partner violence) and report it more to law enforcement (from 6.7% to 11.8%).

More often they talk to someone about it (67.8% to 75.9%) and seek help from specialist services, anti-violence centres, counters (2.4% to 4.9%).

The same is true of violence by non-partners.

Compared to 2006, victims are more satisfied with the work of law enforcement.

For violence by partners or exes, very satisfied women go from 9.9 to 28.5.

However, there are also negative elements.

Violence, rape and attempted rape (1.2 for both 2006 and 2014) are not affected.

Violence is more serious: more violence than those who have caused injuries (from 26.3 to 40.2 as partners) and the number of women who feared for their lives (from 18.8 in 2006 to 34.5 in 2014).

Violence by non-partners is also more serious.

3 million 466 thousand women have suffered stalking in their lifetime, 16.1% of women.

Of these, 1 million 524 thousand suffered it from the former partner, 2 million 229 thousand from people other than the former partner.

As you can see, the report that is illustrated is appalling even if there is a positive aspect that concerns the growth of complaints because women choose to report more than in the past, and this is a positive fact, the choice to get help and not to suffer these abuses.

Unfortunately, a third of women do not talk to anyone about what happened.

women victims of violence

In the near future, the Istat will provide new data but the latest survey (from 2002) talks about:

  • more than 3.5 million women who have experienced physical harassment,
  • 4 million denouncing acts of exhibitionism and as many pawns,
  • almost 4.5 million obscene phone calls,
  • 4.6 million verbal harassment.

Sexual harassment usually takes place at the hands of:

  • strangers (58.2),
  • on the street (19),
  • public transport (31.6),
  • workplace (12.1),
  • pub or nightclub (10.5).

Rapes and attempted rapes are committed by:

  • outsiders in absolute minority (3,5),
  • most frequently from friends (23.8),
  • acquaintances (12,3),
  • boyfriends or ex-boyfriends (17,4),
  • husbands or ex-husbands (20,2).

The place of sexual violence:

  • 21 of sexual assaults take place on the street
  • 14 by car;
  • 65 at home or friends and family.


Blackmail at work

women victims of violenceThe 900,000 sexual blackmail at work takes place at the time of recruitment or career and occurs at times when women are most in difficulty.

They suffer more blackmail:

  • unemployed women,
  • independent workers,
  • employees.

However, the only positive note was that sexual harassment and attempted rape decreased from 1997 to 2002.

Probably as a result of the action of the anti-violence centres, because of the new legislation, because of the approach to the phenomenon by women.


The Violent Spouse

women victims of violence
Beaten women on a floor with her torturer

Experts from the European Commission on the issues of violence against women have stressed that the implementation of the Violent Spouse Removal Act is not properly monitored.

It is essential that the policy should be spent on funding to establish the domestic violence observatory, which has been required by women’s victims of violence for many years.

They also called for more training on this issue of police forces to better manage situations and not underestimate them.

Violence cannot be defeated unless it becomes a priority at all levels.

The political will is expressed through laws, national action plans, allocation of resources in different areas of intervention from justice to social policies, to services.

women victims of violence

Now it’s important that you’re not indifferent and if you know of people who are subjected to violence of any kind you can’t and you don’t have to “turn the other way”.

There must be a commitment of all and a constant attention to such a sensitive issue that affects all the women of the world.

Don’t be indifferent!

I’m with you

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