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Muay Thai Knee

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Muay Thai Knee o Knee Strike

Because muay thai knees and not knees in general, simply because they are real specialists.

That’s why I decided to make this post with an important focus on Muay Thai talking about kneeling, because many martial arts have developed knee blows but Muay Thai is one of those that has used and developed them through decades of combat sports matches.

The knees in muay thai are a central attack arsenal pulled from medium distance, short distance and clinch.

You have understood well the knee is not only pulled from short distance and clinch but it is a shot from the middle distance to understand us from the punch distance.

The knees are one of the most powerful attack tools ever due to the power that develops even with a short loading and structural hardness of the knee.

Often knee attacks are not allowed in some sparring sessions of many martial arts and combat sports for security reasons but this is not for Muay Thai where they are actually widely used in sparring.

Being a potentially dangerous blow even without inserting a lot of power a bit as is the case for elbows all other techniques should be practiced only under the supervision of a qualified instructor and with the right protections in order to prevent injuries and to ensure that the correct technique is used. Also remember that all martial arts and combat sports techniques and workouts should be used safely and responsibly.

Remember that kneeling during a Thai boxing match helps increase your score so learning to pull them increases your attack arsenal in matches if you want to become a competitive practitioner

Unfortunately, you often only see your knees used from clinch distance when you have to and you can pull them into the striking and most fighters go into crisis if you use your knees well from that distance as well as from the clinch.

Your knees are amazing so learn to use them well by training them to expand your attack arsenal!

Muay-Thai-Knee Muay Thai Knee

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