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Nitecore NU07 LE

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NITECORE-NU07-LE-1-e1612264041427 Nitecore NU07 LE

Nitecore NU07 LE – Mini Signal Light Law Enforcement – USB Rechargeable – Signal Toring

The NITECORE NU07 LE is a USB-C rechargeable mini signage light with 11 modes and 5 light sources with constant ignition or red, green, yellow flashing,
white/blue and red/blue police alarm.

Nu series product specially designed for law enforcement.

The completely transparent shell makes the signals identifiable in all directions.

Flashing colors can indicate different groupings or allow quick identification of team members of specific locations.

Thanks to the ARC adapter it can be attached to the helmet for special operations with quick and safe fixing.

Thanks to the innovative design of the back clip, it can be easily hooked to the standard MOLLE system.

The tear-off attachment on the back of the bracket ensures a firm and secure fastening.

The slots located on both sides of the bracket allow you to strengthen the attachment by fixing the helmet cable or elastic to avoid accidental leaks.

The single-button interface is easy to use with a built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows for a maximum range of 50 hours.

The waterproof design makes it IP66 rated.

The body is built with solid and durable PC materials with an ultralight and compact design.

The price is about 35 €

Nitecore-NU07-LE Nitecore NU07 LE


Technical Specifications of Nitecore NU07 LE:

  • LED: 5x high power LED, white, red, blue, yellow, green, with a life cycle of 50,000 hours
  • Operatingmodes: 5 colored flashes and a special mode (blue/red light police warning)20201126143048_26777 Nitecore NU07 LE
  • Powers and Durations: Red 3 lumens 50 hr – Green 8 lumens 50 hr – Yellow 9 lumens 50 hr – White 15 lumens 40 hr – Blue 2 lumens 40 hr – Red/Blue 40 hr20201126143100_66500 Nitecore NU07 LE
  • Power on and select method: Central power button, power off and light selection20201126143059_39238 Nitecore NU07 LE
  • Body: thermoplastic materials
  • Battery: integrated, non-removable, 300mAh Li-Ion, rechargeable via Micro USB-C plug20201126143101_34241 Nitecore NU07 LE
  • Tor top measurements with bracket: 61.8mm (Length) – 28.9mm (Width) – 21.7mm (Thickness)
  • Tor top weight: 24.5 grams
  • Weight with bracket :35.5 grams20201126143110_64278 Nitecore NU07 LE
  • Accessories: support bracket with front and rear Velcro hooks – USB charging cable
  • Waterproofing:as required by IP66 standard20201126143103_42484 Nitecore NU07 LE
  • Impact resistance: resists falls from 1m in height

Notes: –

Real powers and durations, laboratory certified by ANSI/NEMA FL1 standards


Details of the Nitecore NU07 LE

Suggested use forSoftair, Military, Police
Power in Lumens1 to 50 lumens
Lighting distancefrom 101 to 150 meters.
Power in Candles1 to 500 lux
Batteries usedRechargeable internal battery
Degree Of WaterproofingIP66 – strong water jets
Tor top lengthfrom 1 to 5cm.
Type of Light EmittedWide
LED lightCold
Including battery torrcaYes
Rechargeable torrYes

Key features of the Nitecore NU07 LE:

  • 11 modes available with 5 light sources
  • Possibility to make continuous light or flashes in 5 different colors
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery with a maximum range of 50 hours
  • Rechargeable with built-in USB-C port
  • Operation of the one-hand tor bed, via single button
  • A light indicator in the torrx signals the remaining battery charge (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4) 20201126143050_43225 Nitecore NU07 LE
  • Ultralight bracket included, with Velcro hooks on the back
  • Made of robust and quality plastic materials
  • Extremely lightweight and pocket-sized design
  • Resists impacts and drops up to 1 meter in height


Nitecore NU07 LE fastening systems

The Nitecore NU07 LE can be fixed in several ways to offer maximum versatility.

20201126143052_46134 Nitecore NU07 LE



Signalling torches such as the Nitcore NU07 LE can find different uses that are not only related to the use of security services even if it is specially designed for law enforcement.

But it can be used to report a problem, for night hikes, not to get lost, to attract attention,to illuminate something, to ride a bike at night, when you go for a run in winter, etc.

So it’s a quality product that you can use for a lot of security and personal defense functions.

Nitcore is a company that over the years has focused on security and personal defense tools and is very useful when companies specialize in tools that require reliability and attention in their use by developing methods of use under stress.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality

20201126143056_49861 Nitecore NU07 LE 20201126143054_21675 Nitecore NU07 LE 20201126143053_77001 Nitecore NU07 LE20201126143051_69351 Nitecore NU07 LE20201126143046_74696 Nitecore NU07 LE 20201126143112_68378 Nitecore NU07 LE20201126143109_37520 Nitecore NU07 LE 20201126143107_30442 Nitecore NU07 LE20201126143102_29518 Nitecore NU07 LE20201126143057_32580 Nitecore NU07 LE

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