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Savate Self Defence

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Savate Self Defence.

As you know one of the differences between the road and the ring unless you’re on the beach is that you’re not wearing shoes.

So a first difference between, say, the UFC ttagon and your tamarri-filled street is that you or the one who attacks you is hardly barefoot.

On the streets, most people wear shoes.

The kind of SCARPE you wear can really change the game in a surprising way because it can almost be a self-defense weapon.

In self-defense you don’t have to train barefoot, your training has to be with your shoes because that’s how you’re likely to go out on the street.

In the same way, the attacker probably has shoes so you have to pay close attention to the type of shoe because it can be very dangerous.

See it as a knuckle-thrower because certain shoes have thick hardened tips reinforced up to deliberately insert as delinquents of South East Asia but also local where they insert protruding elements or cutters to create damage such as cutters, nails, etc.

You can well imagine the damage they can create.

The athletes of the Savate are experts in kicking with shoes, you got it right with shoes because in the ring do not go barefoot.

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