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Old gloves? 5 Ways to Understand It

Old gloves? 5 ways to figure it out

Old gloves? 5 ways to figure it out!

Like all things you use, gloves wear out especially if you use them in heavy

focus pads,

In fact, my advice is always to have different types of gloves to do different jobs in order to preserve the gloves you use in sparring and matches.

Better still if you have more pairs of the same glove to always use the same object, as do the pros.

But regardless of this also for the glove that you carefully hold comes the time to replace it because it is now old, but how do you understand it?.

Regardless of martialart, systemor combat sport practiced, boxing gloves are one of the most used equipment.

Here are 5 ways to recognize old gloves and replace:

When it comes to replacing gloves there is no science because everyone has his own tastes but thereare “failures” that we are able to accept with a glove.

There are five signs that you now need to replace your favorite glove that you need to know because it protects you and your training partner.

The glove for some fighters is like the favorite T-shirt,even if it’s faded, pierced in one spot, etc. it doesn’t matter, when you wear it it looks perfect for you and makes you feel good.

The same thing with the glove, it will be whether it is the color, the feeling of how it wraps your hands when you wear it or the enchanting “shot” you feel when you hit.

Everyone has a favorite pair of gloves,
but like all things that are worn too, it’s hard to admit when it’s just time to let them go and get a new pair of gloves.

“I’m sure you

know it too and you see that there’s no more

Here are 5 telltale signs that it’s time to take a ride online or in your city’s specialized stores and look for a pair of shiny new gloves:

The padding

If you had to choose only one definitive factor to determine when to replace your gloves, it’s the padding.

When a glove loses its padding there is nothing to do, you have to replace the gloves because you risk injuring your hands and your sparring partner.

The padding around the knuckles and hand must always return to its shape and always have the same thickness, there must be no areas that over time have thinned or are missing.

If it starts to wear out after a while or loses its shape it means that:

  1. Not a pair of good quality gloves,
  2. They are old gloves … really old.


Buying gloves with a good Velcro is so important.

Today this type of training gloves is very much used and more functional than gloves with laces.

There’s almost nothing more annoying than gloves losing their velcro vischioousness, and you constantly have to stop to adjust them to make sure gloves don’t start flying out of your hands! which is also annoying for your sparring a bit like when the para tibie turns around and you have to stay there constantly after each kick to straighten it out.

When the Velcro is not safe, it usually means that the wrist area is too wide, which can cause the risk of excretion to unnecessary injuries.

Preserved in general but your wrists and hands use them to fight!

Your hands are made up of a lot of small bones, so it’s very easy to break your hand or take sprains on your wrist.

Completely avoid this disastrous situation and invest in a new and quality glove.

Also consider that if the Velcro is not stable there is also the risk of scratching or injuring your training partners, and it is not the case if you do it because you are negligent with the equipment that is also needed for safety even if with gloves you hit us.


Tear in fabric, open seams and holes

One of the most annoying things and find out that the gloves you bought from a few days you start tearing in strange places, to axe somewhere, etc.

Some of these defects can be repaired in most cases!

If the tearing of the fabric occurs within a month or two since you bought them then the gloves themselves can still be used, it is nothing but an aesthetic defect, but check it by passing it and swiping it on you to see if it is just an aesthetic defect.

But if the padding has holes and lacerations,over-marked skins and obvious risks of scratching other people or yourself during training, no amount of patching will save them.

You have to throw them in the trash!

My advice, however, is to report to the manufacturer the defect maybe by sending pictures because it can be useful for him to understand.


The smell

There are many ways to prevent your gloves from smelling and smelling of dirt, sweat or “swamp”.

Over time, however, sweat infiltrates the deeper layers of your gloves, from that moment on, whatever you do, you will not be able to get it out of the smell.

If this is your case, save yourself and your training partners from this stink and get some new gloves.

If you take care of them and make sure to dry them after each training session (as opposed to leaving them in your bag), they will have a much longer life.

Use the disinfectant spray after training sessions, try to keep them open.

Ps. The gloves do not wash in the washing machine!


the time

Speaking of product durability, there are a couple of questions about your gloves that you need to ask yourself:

  • How many times do you work out?
  • How long have you had them?
  • How intense is your workout?
  • Etc.

If you work sporadically, only a few times a week, your gloves (if all the other factors mentioned above are in place) a glove should last about a year (or more if you take care of them).

If you are “more serious” and you work out every day, or even twice a day, they should last three to eight months.

The glove is similar to how you need to replace your running shoes every tot kilometers, you need to do the same with your boxing gloves.



I know it’s hard for some people to say goodbye to an object you’ve loved and what you love, but sometimes it has to be done so that you can create space for new and better things!

So stop accumulating useless things that you will never use again, make room for the new.

If and when you need to replace gloves, always invest in higher quality brands that will last you much longer, especially if you are serious about sports and a high-quality glove protects your hands and sparring partner well.

I tell you because at first I personally used them that there is no more, now I like to have new and quality ones, also changing them makes you understand the difference and that they are not all the same, going to find the one that suits you best.

Change your gloves when it’s time!

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