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One by one with guns is never good

One by one with guns is never good

One by one with weapons is never good.

When it comes to weapons, some discounts you can make when you’re bare hand are canceled.

Weapons such as the knife are still one of the most versatile and insidious types of tools invented by man and despite the fact that millennia have passed it remains one of the most effective weapons to kill and also one of the most discussed issues when it comes to personal defense and knife attacks.

One of the reasons I studied the use of weapons came from the observation that among the strongest strikers I saw on internships around the world many of them were also experts in handling cutting weapons.

The 4 dimension of the fight, the weapons.

The technical, physical and mental approach of the use of cutting weapons brings the level of training towards the boundaries that practicing only the bare hand (striking to put it) you can not reach.

With weapons you can NEVER be touched and the toe shots you are forced to manage them with absorptions and dodges taking the level of footwork to the extreme.

This approach leads you to an initially psychological approach where even if it’s a workout you never have to be touched and physical with the constant quest to get out of the lesson without being touched.

This must be your target with the use of cutting weapons. So look!!

One by one with guns is never good

This mantra that rumbles in your head at first is frustrating because you are touched many times, but it is this continuous search that leads you to make yourself evasive not only with weapons but also by bare hand.

This mental approach makes you more and more attentive to the environment, to the distance, to the position of your body, to your footwork.

It’s one of the most complicated jobs! but that encompasses in itself satisfactions over time for everyone who knows and begins to work with this mentality.

Gun work is a MINDSET.
knife attacks
Working with weapons requires a certain mindset of method and approach.

Whether it’s firearms or cutting weapons, giving it a shot without worrying about receiving another one becomes a futile victory.

The tie with the weapons does not exist, it means two wounded at best or two dead.

In general in combat and even more if it includes weapons it is important that you have in mind this simple scheme:

  • 0 to 0 — > ‘s fine
  • 1 to 0 — > ‘s fine with you
  • 1 – 1 — > ‘s not good
  • 0 to 1 — > ‘t even write it to you, you’ve been screwed.

One by one with guns is never good Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Traditional fencing

Fencing is a European martial art, it is the remnant of an aristocratic martial code of manly conduct between men but not so purified as to eliminate the dangers altogether and not even so aristocratic as to avoid tactics or cheating.

Once you delve into the study of this extraordinary form of ritual combat and recognize its technique, you begin to sense that it is an armed personal defense.

Now because I talk to you about fencing, the reason is that some nods about this art are an important cue to take to talk about fencing but short, why I tell you this you can easily guess, the knife in your pocket carry in many a sword not.

To better understand the meaning of this article I want you to know the basic rules of fencing and its regulation, which can also be used as a sports cue for short fencing in your workouts although many limitations if your goal is personal defense you have to eliminate them or use to build targeted exercises.

Fundamentals of fencing

Fencing matches consist of three three-minute segments, fought on a platform whose width must be between 1.5 and 2 meters.

Screeners win points when they hit their opponent’s target area, which varies depending on the weapon used.

The winner is the one who wins the most, and in the event of a tie an extra minute is played.

Before extra time, the draw is drawn which of the two athletes will win in the event of a tie again, to force the fencers to be aggressive.


Penalties can be awarded in the event of pushing, using their hands to deflect shots, or refusing to greet the opponent.

The referees award a yellow card and a warning to the first offence, then a red card and a penalty point and the third violation a black card indicating disqualification.

It is forbidden to reject the blade with the arm, but it is a widespread practice: high-level fencing is so rapid that referees hardly notice.


  • Foil
    The lightest and most flexible of swords was invented in 18th-century France for training purposes. Only shots taken with the tip and only on the torso are valid.
  • Sword
    More like the typical 19th-century duel weapon, the sword can strike any part of the body but only with the tip; this is because originally this style was intended to provoke blood but not to kill.
  • Saber
    Derived from the swords of the knights and duel weapons such as stockpiling, the saber is designed to cut and rip rather than to hit at the top. You can hit with any part of the weapon any part of the body, but only from the waist up (including the mask and back).

A little screen technique

When the stockpier was assigned and the assault stopped, the judges describe the winning action in technical terms.

The same terms will be used by commentators, so you might as well know them.

  • Attack: The first offensive action.
  • Parade: A winning defense with deflection of the attacker’s blade.
  • Answer: The attack that follows a winning save.
  • Remittance: The attack carried, without further advance, immediately after its own failed attack.
  • Double: The attack is led to an opponent who has lost priority due to inaction or slowness.


Weapons and styles in fencing


Strictly regulated by the rules of priority, the assaults in the floret are very technical; Short and quick movements are basic to ensure an advantage.


The sword duel is the most similar in style to the classic one: the target is the entire body, and collisions are allowed. Counterattack is often the preferred style.

You’ll see fencers more intent on provoking an attack than throwing it, and then responding to the first useful glimmer.


Since it is allowed to strike with any part of the blade and the saves are difficult, the defense in the saber is more of a work of legs and position.

Being able to hit both cutting and toe the duel is more spectacular, and the flèche or “arrow” is also allowed: an attack in which the body is decidedly tilted forward with the arm slender and the other lying backwards.

One by one with guns is never good Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

One thing I’ve never over-appreciated in fencing competitions is the delay between the shot and the opponent’s shot that marks the point.

Let me explain.

Who hits who? The priority

If both fencers land a shot at the same time, who gets the point?

To solve this problem, in the floret and in the saber there is the rule of priority: the duelist that attacks first has priority, and generally wins the point.

Those who defend can gain priority and become a striker if the opponent’s shot fails, but must exercise it quickly otherwise they lose it.

If it is not possible to determine who is the priority, the point is not assigned.

In the sword, where the priority does not exist, if you hit each other at the same time within a twenty-fifth of a second the point is awarded to both, unless the score is in a tie and a point is missing: in this case, the point is not awarded to anyone.

This sporting approach of hitting each other at the same time in reality can mean that both opponents have skewered and the hope of one or the other is in the non-gravity of the injury suffered.

One by one with guns is never good Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Why this approach?

Maybe someone considered this delay enough to block an opponent?.

When you work out naked but even more with weapons you always have to consider exiting your attack.

Barehanded if you hit the opponent his eventual hit could be unloaded despite scoring with no or very limited damage, but if there is a knife or a machete in his hand, this blow even if unloading to the target can create incredible damage.

Now you can’t think of doing a proper job with weapons if you don’t properly consider your position and posture after you’ve targeted or missed the target.

You with guns“you must never be there!”

One by one with guns is never good Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Being touched with weapons means being injured or killed and you have to get used to looking during weapons training to never even be touched for fun, is it complex?.

I don’t even have to answer you!

It’s very complex, as you can figure out for yourself you’re about to get into the Matrix.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you are about to enter one of the most mysterious and controversial methods of combat that man has created, the use of weapons and in particular of cutting weapons.

Unfortunately, the news is full of episodes of violence using one of the most popular tools in the world, the knife.

As you read this weapon is a powerful equalizer and men of superior strength, fighter experts in combat sports, boxers, etc. have unfortunately happened in this Matrix where they were seriously injured or not even killed.

This must make you think because they were not defenceless people, but real fighters, and yet the cutting weapon left them with no escape.


First of all often knife attacks as I said in a post are not with rules of honor and therefore there is no duel but it is a real trap to which it is difficult to get out and this is where you have to know well and more deeply what is the context and its analysis, a topic I have told you about several times.

Clearly if receiving a punch can give you a chance to react when it comes to stab wounds it all becomes more and more complicated and that’s where the educational and psychological approach of using weapons needs to change.

One by one with guns is never good Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThe knife attack is usually an assault with a large number of repeated blows coming from the same side.

№!! that’s not what a knife expert does, but it remains despite the repetitiveness of the gesture something extremely dangerous, full of a charge of violence and aggression that is the first thing that can surprise you even before the weapon.

Traditional fencing

I often see fencing matches, it’s something I follow regularly and even if there’s no three-dimensionality of short fencing (given the use of the platform) is something extremely interesting and preparatory but one of the things that has always bothered me is that even if it is sport often the two opponents often touch each other almost simultaneously assigning the point to one of the two that he touched first, this in reality means two injured, two dead, or one dead and one injured or two injured.

If you bring this into reality you understand that you have to be much more conservative because hitting yourself almost together and both of them means big problems.

Also consider that the only usable weapon is the sword or floret and you can’t use other parts of your body to attack, you can’t grab and you can’t hit some parts of your opponent, these limitations make the use of weapons in personal defense one of the most complex fights in the martial arts world where manic attention detail is never enough.

Now this post is not against the sporting approach to fencing that still has to have rules since it is a sport but a reflection on the fact that one by one with weapons in general is never good.

One by one with guns is never good Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The psychological approach to the use of cutting weapons must be only one towards your opponent:


If it’s a rutine, a drills, sparring, it doesn’t matter you never have to get touched.

It’s never a game!! even if you’re using aluminum knives with your training partners.

Ps. Since someone told me about training buddies he has no political inclination so if you’re thinking shit it immediately disappears from your mind and those who know me know that certain ideological discourses with me do not work and that it is on me who appropriates common words for political and personal purposes, so for me whatever political idea you have you have to know that with me you can talk only about ideas and not ideologies , I only answer ideas!.

If it’s good I support you if it’s bullshit imagine my middle finger in front of your face, I bore the fanatics of ideologies even worse if nostalgic while I adore those who have ideas and projects that go beyond their own garden or personal end.

Now let’s get back to what I’m interested in!

There are plenty of reasons to start practicing the use of weapons but one important and that concerns just what you do today and is that the use of weapons is a turbo for your martial art.

The physical and mental approach of working with the concept of never being touched leads you to emphasize evasive skills to the maximum is a sense of incredible distance that leads to extremism the use of footwork, the position of your body and the distribution of weight.

Whether you practice combat sports but even more so if you practice self-defense short fencing is something you need to integrate into your workouts, what percentage is something we’ll talk about in a specific article.

Start using this cue, listen to my advice.

Stay Tuned! Knife is not a game!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport!


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