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Only what you can prove works

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reality-1 Only what you can prove worksIt only works what you can prove is a phrase that some people like and others less, it’s something not everyone can accept.

Welcome to reality!

It may sound harsh as a sentence but when it comes to self-defense you can’t discount yourself

When it comes to self-defense, one of the objections I often make is by asking the following question:

“how do you know it works?”

A small problem that I often pose to fellow instructors is also related to the fact that some of them are convinced of their training “because it works with them” forgetting that they are often practitioners of different disciplines for more than 20 years and that some practice them with dedication and discipline for years, but the same thing can be done by a person who practices 2 hours a week?

These are considerations that you need to ask yourself if you really have an interest in the fact that your students really learn something expendable and are not just extras in your courses.

Ps. Of course I exclude from this reflection all those pseudo-instructors, fake experts, Sunday instructors, etc. who bought diplomas on weekends and then sell their courses in fitness gyms posing as experts in . Etc.

The responsibility you have in self-defense training is not limited to that couple of hours a week of the course.

When I wrote the post sport or street, a false problem that divides, I asked a reflection to highlight precisely the issue that if you make self-defense one aspect of the many that are addressed is the study of the technical part of the strokes.

But how do you know if it works if you don’t practice it through sports and competitions?.

Of course sparring if it is oriented to personal defense must be conditioned to emphasize the methods of aggression statistically proven in aggressions,but if you do not test with due security (complete protections) the techniques you learn as you can know:

  • if they really work in reality
  • you’ll never know how to apply them,
  • that you’ve never understood the real dynamics that are there during a sparring,
  • If you don’t know the distances you create,
  • Etc.

However there is a learning cycle and inside there is also the need to make mistakes to build a real capacity.

reality-check Only what you can prove works

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