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Cauliflower ear, debate is open

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ear-orecchie-cavolfiore-jiu-jitsu Cauliflower ear, debate is open

The cauliflower ear is indisputably a symbol proudly carried by many fighters as a symbol of the hours and battles made on the tatami.

Cauliflower ear / Perichondral Hematoma, or “fibrosclerotic alteration of the auricle“.

A cauliflower ear (auricular hematoma) is a deformation of the ear caused by a grouping of blood in the outer ear, usually due to blows or other injuries.

It can happen during a Boxing match or Muay Thai but it is more typical of fighting sports like the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

But I want to tell you about the cauliflower ear starting from a small controversy that there has been in the environment of the fight at this time because there are those who say that “if you do not have ears so you struggled little!!“, but the answer came directly from a member of the Graciefamily .

Rorion Gracie’s response

Rorion Gracie who during an interview with a direct question answered as follows:


Rorion Gracie’s short and direct response came during the television interview where the journalist asked him why his ears were not cauliflower,he started a heated debate on social networks.

Now if you look at many champions of the fight you will find that not everyone has cauliflower ears!

roriongracie-headshot Cauliflower ear, debate is open