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Packed training for agility and speed of travel

Training for agility and speed of travelPacked training for agility and speed of travel remains a training only workout that you can do whenever you want and without the need for a partner to train with a boxing bag.

That’s why I want to provide you in this post a boxing bag workout for agility and speed of travel as I did for the post dedicated to training with the stamina bag.

Of course you can also use a heavy bag from Muay Thai but consider that it wants to be a cross workout to any sport, martial art or personal defense system you practice.

If you like to use it in your gym as a workout by having the Expert Fighting Tips Blog known.

The bag is a very versatile tool!

With the heavy bag you can do training of:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • toning and slimming (for those who have that need)
  • Coordination
  • Resistance and Cardio
  • Rhythm
  • Combinations
  • et cetera.

These are just some of the interesting aspects on which you can work with the correct use of a simple tool like the boxing bag but depending on the type of training you have to do a certain type of exercise;

In this case we go to see a heavy bag training for agility and speed of travel

Precisely because with the bag you can do a lot of specific types of exercise with the same tool to use the bag effectively and correctly you have to have a basic knowledge of combat sports.

Pay attention to your body’s posture, guard position, both when striking and when you return to your guard, the way you drive your feet from the base, your body’s rotation to your fist during impact, its alignment between your wrist and knuckles, etc.

Important! Always strap your hands with bandages performed well of your hands before each packed training session.

Remember that you need to block the wrist joint well and protect your knuckles well, all without blocking your circulation.

If you want to train with mouthguards in your mouth, this can be useful to get used to keeping the mouthguard in your mouth and breathing because at first it can be annoying.

Training for agility and speed of travel

Boxing bag workout for agility and speed of travel:

For a full workout if you are not used to do the first time shooting from 2 minutes with 1 minute of recovery, and then grow to resume from 3 minutes always doing 1 minute recovery.

In total apart from the joint heating are 12 rounds!


  • Band your hands and take your sack gloves
  • 5’00” Warm up joint — > Neck-Shoulders-Wrist-Hands-Also
  • 3 Rounds x 3’00” Rope Jump — > Perform the classic rope jump together and/or alternate, and in all the ways you know to jump the rope.
  • 1’00” rest
  • 3 Rounds x 3’00” of Shadow Boxing –> Read the link post but boxing with your shadow, it’s a simulation of a fight focusing attention on an imaginary opponent, trying to re-propose the blank shots quickly and smoothly with attack, defense, footwork, etc. as if you were really fighting. In this case, however, do a lot of footwork with all the steps you know and body movements more than focus on the shots, many movements, displacements and semi-movements.
  • 1’00” rest
  • 3 Rounds x 3’00” of Shadow Boxing with > “agility ladder” ladder — Perform some drills performed at the ladder in the boxing field: position yourself in front of the ladder so that its length develops to our right, with both feet out of the object. With a quick step forward, let your advanced foot into the first square by throwing a jab. Exit the square by simulating a dodge backwards and quickly without crossing your feet perform a right shift. Repeat throughout the length of the scale by always changing the attachment combination. At the end of the scale, do the same thing by moving in the opposite direction. Clearly you can do it with several shots.
  • 1’00” rest

Go on..

  • 3 Rounds x 3’00” Heavy Bag — > Perform 3 sack shots by pulling chained and continuous combinations. The aim is the speed of movement, try not to focus on the power of the blows. Relaxed and lots of quick shots and move around the bag. Your attention to the position of the feet and the distance from the bag is very important that must always be properly balanced and moving. In this type of workout you have to give continuity in hitting the sack as you move, so if the bag swings you don’t have to stop it but let it slide in its swings by moving or dodging it with exits, pivots, and side moves if necessary. Here, too, it’s a footwork workout.
  • 1’00” rest
  • 3 Rounds x 3’00” Repeated sacks — > Divide the 3 minutes into 4-hit combination times with foot movements on each work shot and 5″ or 10″ rest. So combination and then rest where in the 5″ or 10″ rest stays with the high guard ready to re-hit the sack and move the torso as if you continued to dodge. For example, try the classic combination par excellence Jab-Cross-Hook-Cross but you can try a lot of 4-shot combinations but they have to be done by inserting steps. When performing these repeats be careful to make a drier and more explosive execution but be careful of the steps you take and then according to your fitness you make a shorter recovery of 10″ but never go further.
  • 1’00” rest
  • Fatigue,stretching and hydration




Try to perform all this sack training for endurance.

There are posts with classic combinations,top combinations, etc. from which you can take inspiration to perform the training.

Learn to manage all the training with the right energy and above all always remain composed and attentive to the guard, the distance from the heavy bag, etc.

Even if the sack doesn’t respond like an opponent, it doesn’t mean you have to take bad vices that you risk carrying when you’re sparring or matches.

If you have the chance, you can use boxing tracking to track your workouts and see improvements over time.

Stay Tuned! Have a good workout.

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