Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Fight Training, Theory and Technique - The n.1 blog in Eu and Latin America for Combat Sports and Self Defense


Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Fight Training, Theory and Technique - The n.1 blog in Eu and Latin America for Combat Sports and Self Defense

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  • Stili di Kali / Eskrima / Escrima /Arnis

    Kali Filippino main styles

    Philippine Kali is a martial arts and fighting system that has its origins in the Philippines, in the area of Southeast Asia. There are many styles of Kali, each of which can be characterized by a number of specific techniques and principles of combat. Filipino Kali is a very complete and varied martial art that […] More

  • Waterboarding

    Waterboarding Torture

    Waterboarding is a form of torture in which water is poured onto a cloth that covers the face and airways of a restrained individual, causing the feeling of drowning. Torture is a method of physical or psychological coercion, sometimes inflicted for the purpose of punishing or extorting information or confessions or in some cases out […] More

  • Adesivo sulle armi da fuoco

    Firearm identification stickers

    Identification stickers on firearms. During the assault on Capitol Hill, the many videos and photographs showed several frames of the plainclothes armed guards holding the Capitol barricades, which have on their weapons what look like short pieces of tape with red and white diagonal stripes on the front of the guns. What are identification stickers […] More

  • Fighting Tips Self Defence

    Fighting Tips for self-defense

    Fighting Tips for self-defense. Remember, these are just a few tips, and the best way to improve your combat skills is to train with an experienced trainer or instructor. Remember, combat should always be used as a last resort and only for self-defense purposes. Use these tips to improve your skills and technique, but always […] More

  • Stick Pad for boxing
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    Pool Noodle Drills

    The Pool Noodle Drills, is part of the exercises with the Focus Mitt Basic Workout but with the Training Sticks, a boxing or Muay Thai training with “focus pads” for precision, speed, footwork and defensive skills. In the beginning but still today for those who do not want to invest in professional equipment (the correct […] More

  • Knockout Game Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

    Knockout Game

    The Knockout game, the game of punches in the face that began in America and has also reached Europe.
    A new and terrible game is spreading beyond the United States, even in Europe and Italy: violence is degenerating. More

  • Kali Eskrima FMA
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    Sikaran. Filipino art of kicking Kali. Today I want to talk about the 7th sector of Philippine Kali . As I have already told you in several articles Kali / Eskrima / Arnis is not only the single stick for stick fighting but it is one of the most complete martial arts on the planet. […] More

  • Home Security Check List

    Home Security Verification

    Home security check. Do you think the security of your home is up to par? Take a look at the checklist and check how the security of your home holds. The home security checklist you are about to read is designed to identify security risks and provide people with basic personal safety recommendations that can […] More

  • Muay Thai

    Pre-combat rituals of Muay Thai

    Pre-combat rituals of Muay Thai The phase that precedes the fight is the part that can be defined as the most important for the athlete. In these moments, the fighter must find the concentration, tranquility and favor of benign spirits to ensure that the fight has a good outcome. All this occurs with the performance […] More

  • Knife Fighting Coltello
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    Fighting with weapons

    Fighting with weapons is something mentally devastating, it is taking combat to the next level. Already there is a profound difference between fighting with protections like mouth guards and gloves, compared to a condition with MMA gloves or bare hands as in Bare Knuckle or even worse from the street without any protection or protection […] More

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