Pain in the elbow? Don’t neglect it

Elbow pain

Whether you practice striking or fighting combat systems in both cases your joints are subject to and can be subject to severe stress related to training, blows and joint levers, improper use of weights when vacuuming, etc. the causes can be different.

Hyperextension occurs when the joints exceed their range of motion.

The movement range of the elbow joint ranges from 0 to 145 degrees, 0 degrees is when your arm is completely straight.

Anything beyond this range will cause the ligaments to stretch too much. The elongated ligaments can cause a lot of pain and lead to the joint not staying properly in its position.

Ps. There are people who have elbows that go beyond 0, you will have happened to see some of your friends seem to be going beyond the normal position with your arm.

Your joints tend to stretch especially when you go empty by not hitting a target and go empty.

This situation is evident when you do the focus pads or paos and you are too far away coming unloading or your training partner does not give you enough support to hold the weight of your shot and this in the long run if you do not correct the mistakes can lead to acute pain in the elbow and to feel the arm drooping, draining.

Another situation can be when you fight and avoid batting immediately especially on the arm locks in an attempt to get out.

Another situation is the wrong use of the weights during the vacuum or even making the same vacuum going to overexterender the elbow on each shot.

Everyone has their ailments but there are some particularly annoying ones especially if you do not pay attention during workouts and a problem common to many fighters is the hyperextension of the elbow that if you neglect it can lead to heavily injury to the joint or even to have chronic inflammations that do not allow you to train.

The symptoms you can experience on the elbow are:

  • swelling around the joint area,
  • Pain
  • weak arms and
  • pain when it bends and straightens the elbow.

In many cases thankfully the hyperextension is very mild, especially if you have taken it by focusing and not from situations such as joint levers or improper use of weights during the vacuum, etc., and you can return to training after a short time without but in some cases it can be severe, to the point of not bending the elbow and in some cases to dislocation.

Pain in the elbow? Don't neglect it Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

If you are one of these how do you have to treat the imper elbow extensions to recover the injury?

The premise I am not a doctor, it is simple practical advice of simple use, contact specialists to check your condition.

As with any injury, the sooner you put the ice on, the better because it helps reduce swelling and less swelling means less pain and recovery is much faster.
So you have to:
  1. Cool the elbow joint with ice a few timesa day for10-15 minutes at a time for the first two to three days. Pain in the elbow? Don't neglect it Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
  2. ibuprofen 

    is the active ingredient of many pain medications and is part of the healing protocol, as it further reduces pain and inflammation. Pain in the elbow? Don't neglect it Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

  3. Use a bracePain in the elbow? Don't neglect it Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

With these three measures almost always fortunately in most cases you can continue to train but avoid doing anything that solicits the joint and in particular that leads to the extension or flexion of the elbow.

The use of the elbow brace is useful to immobilize the joint and also to remind you not to make movements that can potentially aggravate the problem.

Avoid being levers in that elbow, working with your elbows, limiting your fists to that side and taking blows, if you kick your arm from the side of the kick avoids (the kick requires having to pull your arm to get more power/balance).

After resting the affected side for a few days and running the ice and anti-inflammatory applications several times a day, you should feel much better.

Attention!! I recommend if it worsens or if the recovery is minimal and you continue to feel pain go immediately to a specialist doctor because it could be something much more serious than a slight hyperextension but a real injury to the joint.



Always remember to preserve yourself. Practice the correct technique on the exercises because this helps to prevent hyperextension.
Avoid fully extending your elbow when you do certain exercises and shots, look for the correct distance from the hitters when you train with your training partner so as not to extend your elbow too far in search of the hitr.
If they give you a lever you tapout because you’re training and it’s okay to resist and the competition but preserve it, it’s a game and you can make your partner beat in the next fight.
When you are in a position to make parades or blocks make sure that your elbows are not locked at the end of the ride both in the opening and closing because if you close the elbows the joint is blocked and this can cause injury over time.
Always leave a minimum of excursion of the closing point always, do not work on 0 degrees and 145 degrees, always leave a margin of escurisone.


Stay Elbow!


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