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Pay for the drug

Pay for the drug

Pay for the drugs!

The “pay for the drugs” spray message on your car is very worrying and could suggest that someone is threatening you or trying to extort money from you.

But it is not said, it can also be a way to seriously damage your reputation in the neighborhood where you live, in your workplace, ex-wife, crazy husbands, boyfriends, stalkers.

It is important that you take this threat seriously and act promptly to protect yourself.

First, I advise you to contact the relevant authorities, such as the police or local law enforcement agencies, and report the situation to them and report the fact.

Which you certainly will not do if you are a drug user but I advise you to report the incident anyway because there probably will not be a second warning.

They may be able to provide you with protection and help you identify who might be responsible for this act.

What is a person’s reputation?

Reputation is the consideration that others have of a particular person. In other words, reputation is the social judgment about a subject.

In fact, reputation does not derive from what we say, but from what we do, from how we behave, from how we treat people, whether they are strangers, friends, partners, animals but also simply people we meet on the street in the neighborhood where you live.
The most immediate risk of a bad reputation is the decline in interest of potential friends, partners, neighbors, co-workers, etc. in you.
True or false negative opinions can exert a negative action on all your social relationships causing isolation towards you.
Pay for the drug Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Second, consider taking additional security measures to protect yourself and your family.

Until you fix this situation you can not think of feeling safe, especially if a person to discredit you comes to make such a gesture.

You may want to install security cameras or increase the security of your home or vehicle.

Also, try to avoid going alone to isolated or little-frequented places.

Finally, it’s important that you don’t give in to the threat and pay for drugs if you really have a drug problem, or you’re a piece of shit buying rape drugs.

It is different if this is a technique unfortunately used to ruin your reputation in the workplace, among your friends, girlfriends, etc.

Remember that there are people who are used to spreading lies about people for personal advantage, playing on people’s naivety and limiting beliefs.

Do not trust people who use this method to discredit, friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, etc.

This could only fuel criminal behavior and not solve the problem.

Instead, try to work with the relevant authorities to resolve the situation safely and legally.

Drug van


As you can see the image can immediately make you think of a drug problem between dealers, between customer and dealer, but in reality it can also have a lower and no less dangerous reading that is to damage the reputation of a person.

Getting to make such a gesture beyond the crime denotes a step forward in a criminal action, because it is a message not only for you but for all those who see and know you.

They are or are seeking your attention and it is likely that the next contact will not be a spite or a written threat but a more direct action towards you.

Never underestimate such gestures and actions!

Stay Tuned!

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