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Pool Noodle Drills

Pool Noodle DrillsThe Pool Noodle Drills, is part of the exercises with the Focus Mitt Basic Workout but with the Training Sticks, a boxing or Muay Thai training with “focus pads” for precision, speed, footwork and defensive skills.

In the beginning but still today for those who do not want to invest in professional equipment (the correct choice to train seriously) are used floating cylinders that are often seen in the pool to float but as I told you personally I prefer to use the Training Stick for boxing or Stick Pad for stability issues, they are still soft and safe in case of impact but offer greater stability and precision for those who hold them.

From this home made origin that takes its name this workout Pool Noodle Drills.

Pool Noodle Drills

It is an alternative workout to traditional focus pads but that allow you to do a very active job on speed, precision, parries, dodges, etc.

Consider that the stick pads move very fast forcing you to a very high level of attention / rhythm, it is not an exercise to work on the power of the shots but much more on reflexes, precision, defensive skills.

It is an intermediate focus training method but I ask you to try it even if you consider yourself an expert because you could discover interesting ideas especially if you perform it with a professional who holds the focus pads.

Those who hold the sticks must do some practice and the same for those who are training who are faced with a different method than the focuses.

A method of work and training that everyone and I mean all good trainers and boxers have started to use to learn the impressive boxing techniques they perform in the ring or sparring are precisely the focus mitts.

This training is irreplaceable and is not comparable to performing combinations to the bag and the reason is simple who holds the focus or stick pad has an active role that the bag can not give you, changing rhythm, timing, position in space, forcing you to move, dodge and look for the target.

Focus Mitt training is the center and is designed to help you develop your combat reflexes, punching technique, defense technique, combat strategy, energy management, etc.

The advantages of training with focus mitt go further, providing new stimuli to become a better fighter.

Most boxers rely on focus mitt training to improve their speed and power but you are limiting the possibilities because it is a versatile training method for anyone looking to develop their striking skills.

Focus workouts are great for developing:

  • precision
  • timing,
  • rhythm

  • strategy
  • fighting style,
  • resistance and explosiveness
  • reflections and
  • clearly also the speed and power.

There are several work exercises with focus pads that may seem simple but are very effective for developing the fundamental skills for combat and that you can not perform in the heavy bag.

Beginners can use focus mitt to improve their footwork, counteract all the styles of opponents (you need to have a good trainer who creates this approach), improve coordination and reduce stress.

Equipment needed to work with Stick Pads

A punch stick is a stick covered with foam and covered with a fabric that allows a longer life of the Stick Pad.

They are equipped with a hand lanyard and act as a good substitute for focus pads to perform an alternative workout.

You can work with your coach to improve your accuracy in shots, footwork, and evasion techniques while your coach basically turns into a stick fighting practitioner.

You can work :

  • a pair of stick pads
  • with a single stick
  • in combination Focus Mitt and Stick Pad
  • glove and stick pad

There are many possibilities to work in combination but I assure you that the speed of the sticks will force you to travel at a different speed.

There are different sizes such as diameter and length and slightly different weight to allow you to do specific work and allow the partner holding the sticks to move them very quickly.

The important feature, however, is the length between 60 and 65 cm, the diameter of about 55/60 mm and the material with the core of the stick with a PVC pipe that must be rigid but at the same time allow you to work safely if it impacts on the training partner or on the fighter who performs the training, drills, or workout.

Learning to hold focus mitts, like stick pads is an art and for this reason there are real well-paid professionals because it is an active job and requires good experience to do a good job, especially when it is also required to vary the attitudes of opponents.

To carry out an effective training program you need the following equipment and possibly quality:

  • Training partner or a coach – You need a partner who holds the focus pads, who calls you the combinations, keeps your guard active and absorbs the shots you shoot. A boxing coach or fitness instructor will be in a better position to guide and correct you on how to pull the shots and combinations, observe and stimulate your guard, your footwork, the correct distance, etc.
  • Stick Pad – Use good Stick 

    Pads because they will give you a goal to direct (focus) your fists on and make the trainer’s job easier. The PVC inner tube keeps the training sticks straight and durable, while a durable Cordura nylon cover is built to last but some are covered in PU. Complete with thick safety wrist lanyards to keep the training poles firmly on the trainer’s hands during training. The padding of the stick allows you to hit with speed and precision, thus improving accuracy and speed. They must have a good grip to prevent them from moving or jumping when they are hit. The power in this case is better to train it with traditional focus pads.

  • Boxing gloves and bandage of and for the hands You can’t punch at maximum power and safely without bandaging your hands and without gloves, so wrap and fasten your gloves all the time to preserve your hands. Conditioning without gloves to hit with bare hands is a separate chapter. MMA athletes can and should also use their combat and training gloves but for some workouts it is best to use sack gloves or regular boxing gloves.
  • Clock or Boxing Timer – To monitor your rounds and break, one of the goals of these workouts is to improve your times and develop a rhythm. Some exercises are performed in timed shifts to create a circuit. A timer will not only help you achieve this, but will also help you keep track of all your rounds.
  • Boxing shoes – You need shoes that help you with your footwork and footwork, shoes that give you good grip and stability on the floor where you work to punch with power and speed.
  • Water bottle for proper hydration.
  • Boxing Tracking – If available is not critical.

Focus Pad Inosanto Academy

Foam Pool Noodle Drills

This workout routine uses sticks or if you want foam sticks to help you improve your speed, power and defensive techniques.

On the market there are various types built specifically for this type of training or simply many use the “floating noodles” used in swimming pools but are uncomfortable for those who keep them who still have to work.

There are made on purpose that allow you to have the right grip for those who hold the stick pads allowing proper work, they are more rigid but without creating problems in case of contact with the athlete or with the training partner you are training

So if you want to try this workout all you need are some pool noodles that you can find in almost every store.

It is a great way to perform exercises on the focus pads but with a different stimulus, leaving the usual pattern with pad work that remain the center of training.

You cannot replace focus pads with stick works, but you must use them as an extra tool to train or train, providing a different approach and stimulus.

An example:
  • In the first pass you throw a jab at the stick pad, followed by a block parry in response to the attack with the stick and immediately respond with another jab.
  • Then you shoot a cross (using your right hand).
  • Third, your partner will throw a hook to which you must perform a dodge in lowering and before pulling a left hook followed by a cross and dodge in lowering to dodge another main hook of your partner.
  • Step out pivot and start again


Benefits of Training with Pad Sticks

Improve stroke accuracy

Stroke accuracy is important in combat sports and using stick pads you can focus your eye on the sticks for better accuracy in shots.

Concentration is everything.

As you strike, your trainer meets your stick shot.

The more you do this exercise, the better your accuracy will be.

It is not the only exercise to be precise, but this is certainly one of those that gives many benefits.

They make you work on the technique in a way that gives new insights

While working with your coach holding the sticks you can do a great technical job and realigning poor points of posture, guard, distance, footwork, etc., can really help you tidy up your technique.

When you hit, your coach must observe you and evaluate your position, distance, posture, guard and your technique closely and fix anything that is wrong and could leave room for your opponent.

If there’s something wrong, like a low or out-of-position guard after you’ve hit or before you do so, he’ll give you suggestions and make small adjustments while you exercise.

Improve evasion and dodge techniques

Evasion or if you want the dodge of blows is fundamental in combat sports. If your opponent is preparing a shot and you move without even having to parry is a top condition!,

Dodge, duck, move to the side, change direction and dodge again!

The best is to learn to hit without being hit.

With stick pads your coach gives you a few shots and you have to work to avoid them.

Remember that even if the foam is soft and helps protect you does not mean that they do not hurt so you have to be a little careful but it is an added value because it is not a game, stay focused.

Improve footwork

Stick pads help you work on your footwork.

Footwork is key.

It’s you against your trainer, and while he or she is attacking you and exposing sticks you can move and improve your agile footwork.



Now that you are an experienced boxer or a person who is just trying to get back in shape, focus workouts are fun, anti-stress and can be a great workout for boxers or simply for weight loss and fitness.

The focus pad is a workout to be performed with a partner unlike the sack that you can perform in training only And that you can do at any time of the day, here the game becomes even more serious because you work in two and requires the help of a training partner.

I focus mitt is a great workout in your schedule but clearly it can’t be the only way to train for a combat sport.

Focus Mitt should be integrated according to the discipline, the Pao if you practice MMA and Muay Thai, the heavy bag and shadow boxing sessions, conditioned sparring and free sparring,

If you can do pad workouts with a precise focus, try to keep each workout focused on one thing, then vary your workouts by diversifying them and to keep your workout varied.

If you consider it important or your coach recommends it, repeat the same workout but do not try to do in a single packed workout all the exercises that can be done.

If you want to do a free workout or open workout try to do it on the weekend or on a day you want to do a workout dictated by your body and mental sensation, without a trace.

This workout routine uses stick pads to help you improve your speed, power, and defensive techniques.

All you need is a couple of pool sticks or floats that you can find in almost every store.

It’s a great way to get out of the usual rountine and mix things up to keep the practice always active and also fun.

Stay Tuned!

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