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The prayer of filipino kali escrimadores

Josh LaCoste

The Philippine Kali Prayer: A Deep Spiritual Bond in the Art of Self-Defense

Philippine Kali, an ancient martial art from the Philippines, is not only a series of fighting techniques, but also a deep spiritual path steeped in tradition and wisdom.

Among the various components that make up this art, there is a significant prayer that reflects the essence of Kali and the mentality of the escrimadores.

We share with you the “Prayer of the Escrimadores of Filipino Kali”, a manifestation of values, respect and deep intentions that go beyond simple physical training.

This prayer is often attributed to an FMA legend, John LaCoste, and is an expression of dedication and commitment to the art of Kali.

The prayer of filipino kali escrimadores, often repeated by FMA legend John LaCoste.

As you know if you follow the blog, Filipino Kali is divided into several sectors and one of them is related to the most spiritual part and the one that you will soon read It is one of the prayers used among the escrimadores and represents one of the aspects of Kali but that few know and it is precisely what concerns the spiritual part, the 12th area.

The 12th area is about healing and mediation and is the last area.

Have a training for physical, mental and emotional well-being in Kali, to make your body and mind stronger and body and mind as an ally is very important in combat and also in Kali “works” are done to improve and take care of these aspects.

The practice of physical and mental activity, supporting a healthy and nutritious diet and getting used to taking care of yourself to promote longevity in education and life in general is also part of the Philippine Kali in 2023.

The prayer of filipino kali escrimadores Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The Spiritual Aspect in Philippine Kali

As pointed out in the original text, Filipino Kali is divided into several areas, and the 12th area is related to healing and mediation, as well as the spiritual aspect of art.

This often overlooked component is crucial to fully understanding the essence of Kali.

The 12th Area: Mental, Spiritual and Emotional

Within the 12th area of Philippine Kali, we find:

  1. Healing arts: Healing is an essential part of the martial art, as balance between mind and body is critical to achieving excellence. This area teaches escrimadores to take care of themselves and their companions.
  2. Spiritual arts: The spiritual aspect of Kali is centered on wisdom, compassion and love for humanity. Prayer is a means of connecting with a higher plane and aligning one’s intention with positive principles.
  3. History, philosophy, ethics and traditions: Understanding the history and philosophy of art is fundamental to respecting its legacy and to fully understanding the depth of Filipino Kali.
  4. Musical and rhythmic training: Music is often an integral part of martial cultures. In Kali, musical and rhythmic training can affect movement and energy during practice.


The Prayer of the Escrimadores of Filipino Kali

Prayer is a tangible reflection of the spiritual commitment of the escrimador in Filipino Kali.

This ancient greeting embodies the essence of dedication, wisdom and respect.

If you practice Filipino kali or you are an escrimadores you must know this prayer by heart and if you do not know this prayer you must learn it and always recite.

The prayer reads:

I present myself to the creator and for humanity on earth

I strive for the knowledge of the third eye of the five senses and beyond the five senses

I strive for the sake of all men and there will be no bloodshed

I bow to you, not as a sign of submission, but of respect to you

I turn the hand of friendship because I prefer over the hand of war, but if my friendship is rejected, I am trained to be a warrior wisely

I get up symbolically, because I serve only the Creator, my family and my country

I want the knowledge given to me by my instructors, because it is my own life in combat

I am ready to go against you even through your skill may be greater than mine, because even if my physical body might fall first on earth,

I am not worried because I know that my spirit will still rise as invincible.

John LaCoste - Dan Inosanto

This greeting is inspired by another prayer of the escrimadores of the Philippine Kali that has been used many times in battle:

Let heaven and earth witness me.

I will strive to achieve wisdom and compassion through and beyond the five senses.

I will strive for the love of all humanity so that there are no unnecessary bloodshed.

I’m enchpined not by submission but because I respect you.

I reach out to you my hand, a symbol of peace and friendship, and I entrust myself to the Creator as a spiritual guide.

I have been trained to be an intelligent warrior, but if my peace and friendship are rejected, I stand up to show that I serve only the Creator, my tribe, and my family.

I don’t owe alliance to any foreign king.

With my hand and my heart I take care of the knowledge received by my master, because it represents my life in combat.

I’m ready to fight with you even if your skills are superior to mine.

If my body falls into combat at your hands, you will only have defeated my flesh because my warrior spirit and soul ascend to heaven, for they are unconquerated.

(Oraciòn del Kali – Performed by every Filipino soldier before going into combat)

Kali Filipino

“Themost complete knowledge through the hardest contact !” (Citation of the Dog Brothers)

The Deep Connection with Tradition

This prayer is not just a sequence of words, but a profound reminder of the connection between body, mind and spirit, reflecting the inherent philosophy of Filipino Kali.

Reflecting on this prayer and considering its meaning can enrich the practice of Kali and offer a broader perspective on the true essence of self-defense.

In conclusion, Filipino Kali goes beyond simple fighting technique, offering an avenue to develop not only physical abilities, but also a deep intention and spiritual connection.

The prayer of the escrimadores of Filipino Kali represents a bridge between the martial art and the spiritual sphere, enriching the experience of those who choose to undertake this path.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality

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