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The prayer of filipino kali escrimadores

Josh LaCoste

The prayer of filipino kali escrimadores, often repeated by FMA legend John LaCoste.

As you know if you follow the blog, Filipino Kali is divided into several sectors and one of them is related to the most spiritual part and the one that you will soon read it is one of the prayers used among the escrimadores and represents one of the aspects of Kali but which few know and is precisely that concerning the spiritual part, the 12th area.

The 12th area is about healing and mediation and is the last area.

Have a training for physical, mental and emotional well-being in Kali, to make your body and mind stronger and body and mind as an ally it is very important in combat and also in Kali you do “jobs” to improve and take care of these aspects.

The practice of physical and mental activity, supporting a healthy and nutritious diet and getting used to taking care of yourself to promote longevity in training and life in general is also part of Filipino Kali in 2021.

The 12th Area – Mental/Spiritual/Emotional

  1. Healing arts
  2. Spiritual arts
  3. History, philosophy, ethics and traditions
  4. Musical and rhythmic training


The prayer of the escrimadores of Filipino kali that you must know by heart if you are an escrimadores and that if you do not know you must learn it and always recite:

I present myself to the creator and for humanity on earth

I strive for the knowledge of the third eye of the five senses and beyond the five senses

I strive for the sake of all men and there will be no bloodshed

I bow to you, not as a sign of submission, but of respect to you

I turn the hand of friendship because I prefer over the hand of war, but if my friendship is rejected, I am trained to be a warrior wisely

I get up symbolically, because I serve only the Creator, my family and my country

I want the knowledge given to me by my instructors, because it is my own life in combat

I am ready to go against you even through your skill may be greater than mine, because even if my physical body might fall first on earth,

I am not worried because I know that my spirit will still rise as invincible.

John LaCoste - Dan Inosanto

This greeting is inspired by another prayer of the escrimadores of the Philippine Kali that has been used many times in battle:

Kali Filipino

Let heaven and earth witness me.

I will strive to achieve wisdom and compassion through and beyond the five senses.

I will strive for the love of all humanity so that there are no unnecessary bloodshed.

I’m enchpined not by submission but because I respect you.

I reach out to you my hand, a symbol of peace and friendship, and I entrust myself to the Creator as a spiritual guide.

I have been trained to be an intelligent warrior, but if my peace and friendship are rejected, I stand up to show that I serve only the Creator, my tribe, and my family.

I don’t owe alliance to any foreign king.

With my hand and my heart I take care of the knowledge received by my master, because it represents my life in combat.

I’m ready to fight with you even if your skills are superior to mine.

If my body falls into combat at your hands, you will only have defeated my flesh because my warrior spirit and soul ascend to heaven, for they are unconquerated.

(Oraciòn del Kali – Performed by every Filipino soldier before going into combat)

“Themost complete knowledge through the hardest contact !” (Citation of the Dog Brothers)

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