Protein powder for fighters, do you really need it?

Protein powder for fighters

Protein powder for fighters, do you really need it?

Protein powder supplements are somethingthat is now used even when it is not needed but there are four cases where you definitely need to take protein powder in addition tothe proteins you take withnutrition.

When do you need to integrate proteins?

Everyone is now obsessed with proteins even if they receive enough daily and to understand this you just have to look online or in sports stores to see the space that is given to sports integration that is often taken without a real awareness but because you see that everyone does so.

Almost all people who practice martial arts but sport in general, who are health-oriented, gym and fitness oriented almost always have a “bidoncino” of protein powder in their home in addition to a myriad of jars with other supplements, but the protein powder never fails.

You are often advised by your friends and your training partners that you have to take protein powder if you do training sessions, especially in an intense sport like combat sports.

And so we start with protein, PROteine, PROTEINE! , at first a scoop of 30 grams but then we do two and away so once or several times a day.

Protein powder for fightersBut is it really necessary?

Apart from all the advertising frame that bombards you in every magazine in general if you eat enough calories and follow a balanced diet you don’t need protein powder!


A balanced diet that takes into account your training sessions will provide you with the protein you need to recover and grow your muscles.

Having too much protein stresses your kidneys andome if you overdo it with the extra carbs that turn into fat.

The protein balance you need to take should be calculated based on your nutrition and your weekly training sessions.

Protein powder for fightersIf you take enough protein by eating real food, why waste money to buy expensive protein powder?

You need protein and you need to integrate it if you find yourself in these 4 situations:

1 – You are a vegan / vegetarian

Without any prejudice and with the utmost respect for vegans and vegetarians but if you follow this diet you have to make sure you have the right energy and protein ratios. There are many examples of boxing and MMA champions who are vegan and vegetarian but are followed by doctors and coaches.

Today the protein market has also thought about those who have made an ethical choice towards the animal world and that I respect very much going to create lines of vegan products such as proteins.

I personally use soy protein.

2 – You don’t eat enough.

If you don’t eat enough, you don’t get enough calories. If you’re not eating enough calories, you probably won’t get enough protein. In this case, protein powder will help you easily increase your calorie and protein intake.

However, there’s a bigger problem if you do this because not eating enough calories can mean you’re not getting enough of other nutrients, not just protein.

This includes fats, complex carbohydrates/fibers, vitamins and minerals, all of which are extremely important for a person practicing martial arts and combat sports.

3 – A lot of time passes between meals.

If you are very busy during the day or are the kind of person who “forgets to eat”, protein powder will help you. Waiting five to six hours between meals means your blood sugar level becomes very low and your body can start catabolizing your muscles to feed yourself.

If you can’t sit down for a meal for any reason, grab some protein powder to keep hunger at bay. This will also help prevent binge eating later in the day.

4 – Spend too much time from training to when you eat.

You’ve been training but:

  • it’s a long time before you go home to eat,
  • you work out on your lunch break and then you don’t eat,
  • you’ve been training but you usually have other things to do before you can eat,
  • Etc..

Having protein (and carbohydrates) after training is essential for recovery and protein powder is one of the easiest ways to do it. Feed your muscles because that’s what you need after training.


Protein powder for fighters, do you really need it?

Taking the right protein intake is as important as making sure you don’t consume too much of it unnecessarily.

Proteins are extremely important when it comes to muscle growth, recovery and even the immune system.

Make sure you take enough to support your workouts but also make sure you really need them.

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