Quarantine scams

Quarantine scams

Quarantine scams is part of one of the alerts I made to you a few days ago in the post Coronavirus Self Defence in the City.

Quarantine scams Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThey are putting notices on the gates with which they anticipate the request for access to the apartments for the control of the residence.

It’s fake.

They’re thieves, the source is safe.

Notify as many people as possible

Now clearly the Coronavirus Ministry warning scam is not said to be in every city but as I told you crime is quick to find the flaws of the system to put in place scams and criminal plans especially against single or weak people.Quarantine scams

The sheet that is posted says:

“According to art. 650 c.p. the following is communicated to citizens:
Any non-residents of this building are invited to leave the host dwellings to return to their home.
Authorities will carry out checks in condominiums and private homes.
Please submit the following documents: photo ID and specified residence address, rental document/rental agreement.
Other documents that prove to be at home other than your home for serious reasons of need such as illness, care for the elderly (proven by medical certification) are grounds for work that falls within the relevant atheist category.
All unjustified attendances will be reported under art. 1 c.1 of 8/20 laid down in Article 3 paragraph 4 DL. 23/20, art. 6 article 4 paragraph 2 which provides: fine of up to 206 euros, arrest up to 3 months, imprisonment from 3 to 12 years in the most serious cases.”

Beware that it’s all fake, fake.

This is one of the potential scams that are taking place in this period.

It could therefore be an isolated case of the potential scam that aims to collect data and information about people if not even a hoax to create alarmism especially for those we say are not resident or are in the country without permission.

So as far as these leaflets are concerned, they are to be considered false and deceptive to the public faith.

You don’t have to take it into account and if you have to find them, especially where “non-residents of the buildings are invited to leave the host dwellings to return to their home.”

Now that it is a fake what is important is the concept behind this sign and especially given the extension of the quarantine I advise you to read the post Coronavirus Self Defence in the City.

Quarantine scams

Online scams

Being that you can’t move from home cyber criminals raise the bar with online scams from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

  • Online banking scams with password change requests that hijack on identical sites but where you are writing clear your data that will be used by the cyber criminal to access your accounts. No bank uses these modes! So do not use the SMS link but only use the official one of the bank, “do not provide any kind of credentials or personal data and do not authenticate”; “do not download documents or attachments”
  • Scams of fake sales especially of items such as masks/disinfectants/etc.

The Trap of Haste

Beware of this aspect because almost always cyber criminals exploit psychological mechanisms, such as urgency or the possibility of obtaining a personal advantage. So they will always be the last available, which is the last shipment then they have to stop for 10 days, etc.

So these criminals exploit the principle of scarcity that it’s about goods or time.

This applies to everything, if someone rushes to do something trivial means that almost always there is a scam or is failing to tell you something.


If you have other reports about quarantine scams I ask you the courtesy to comment and communicate to make sure that more people are warned to stay alert!

If you find or see strange movements, signs of this tip, or other report them to the relevant authorities.

Stay Tuned! Even to quarantine scams.

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