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Quarantine Workout and how to train without being able to go to the gym and without tools for fighter!

As I write this article we are all still in quarantine, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing as well as death also a change of important habits and temporary closure of gyms around the world.

Your gym canceled classes and you wonder “how do I train right now that I’m making progress?”

If you are used to traveling for work this is not the first time you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym and so you have already found some alternative solutions.

Fighter training as in any sport, is an extraordinary journey that will sometimes require you to press the “Pause” button, whether you want it or not for work reasons, for injuries, for social reasons as if you lose your job and find yourself in serious financial difficulties or you have moved to a new city without a gym that practices your sport Etc..

Or as in this case you find yourself locked in the house quarantined for the COVID-19 virus in the midst of a real global pandemic, it is not a film is the reality that humanity is facing.

Now don’t worry soon I’ll give you some strategies to make sure you can continue your workout until you can go back to the gym and practice your favorite sport or art.

Workout QuarantineThe training program during quarantine

When you went to train in the gym your teacher or who for him was teaching you the lesson and so you had a program and your coach made you do some things at certain times and with a certain sequence but now you have to create your own program.

This element is crucial: you need a program not to go random and improvise without method.

If you train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm when you leave work, youcan continue to do the same thing but take more time than you have available, such as adding a session in the morning or also taking advantage of Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays.

So decide when to train and at what times is the first part of the construction of your program!

Write it on a piece of paper that you can keep hanging in a spot you always see or pasted on your fridge next to the inscription “Are you really hungry?”.

Now that you have the days and times you have to put in what to do and at the beginning create a training plan that replicates what you usually do in the gym but by removing and replacing what you can not do because you do not have equipment or partners with which to train with some other type of training for your combat sport or martial art.

Now that you have the full schedule of all the training sessions these are an appointment that you don’t have to miss even if you’re on the couch watching your favorite series on netflix or youtube, stop and go to training at the scheduled time.

Workout Quarantine

During this time you have more time for functional workouts

Today you’re probably home from work or working from home and you don’t have to spend hours in traffic to get to work or driving back and forth to a gym, so this time can be training sessions and you may also discover a new way to train, certainly more solo than the fitness gym you’re enrolled in to supplement combat sports workouts or self-defense.

So in this training-only period you can focus and engage in additional workouts that can improve your striking or your fight when you get back to the gym or train with your training partners.

These cross-training activities can include:

Then it all depends on what you have available or even six you have a well-structured and organized home gym for fighters.

Quarantine Workout and how to train without being able to go to the gym and without tools for fighter! Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Write your weekly training plan

Now you can not leave your training week at home and for this it is important that you write your week plane, and it is important that they are made a session or two a day that have different focus and different jobs also to allow a sufficient recovery, what are called cross sessions.

To help you write it I made you a sample diagram of my training program during this time when I do not go to the gym:

Workout Quarantine Scheme

M – Morning

P – Afternoon

Monday M: Elliptical Bike, Striking Technical Drills, Bag Work by Striking Monday P: Rope Jump, Functional Training Circuit, Stratching

Tuesday M: Elliptical Bike, Shadowboxing, Drills Ground Fight, Bag Work on the Ground Tuesday P: Rope Jump, Knife & Stick Drills, Bag Work with Knife & Stick Drills

Wednesday M: Elliptical Bike, striking Technical Drills, Bag Work by Striking Wednesday P:Rope Jump, Functional Training Circuit, Stratching

Thursday M: Elliptical Bike, Shadowboxing, Drills Ground Fight, Bag Work on the Ground Thursday P:Rope Jump, Knife & Stick Drills, Bag Work with Knife & Stick Drills

Friday M: Elliptical Bike, Free Workout Friday P:Rope Jump, Functional Training Circuit, Stratching

Saturday M: 10 km or 20 km Elliptic Bike Marathon Saturday P: Yoga & Stretching

Sunday: Rest and analysis of the training week for recalibration and possibly schedule change and new exercises!

Now inside striking Technical Drills, Bag Work by Striking, Shadowboxing, Drills ground fight, Bag Work on the ground, Knife & Stick Drills , Bag Work with Knife & Stick Drills there are for each different specific workouts but as I told you it is a work scheme, you have to adapt it to your single discipline or to the disciplines you practice , at your level of practice and knowledge! Same for Functional Training circuits!

Personally I have built over time a very structured home gym where I can do almost all the workouts you have to adapt with what you have available and if you do not have the heavy sack or pad areas to hit, you can modify this program so that it fits what you have available.
Now you can use your imagination and maybe use some things to build improvised tools.

Workout Quarantine

The diet also works with the ongoing pandemic

Now that you have your game plan for when you train, you can think about how you need to feed yourself.

Even if staying in the house you have many more temptations to eat crap takes advantage to put into practice the idea of eating maybe without getting to weigh the food but to eat clean.

I know you’re at home alone or alone or with your partner watching hours of TV series and it’s nice to nibble on sweets and chips followed by soft drinks or beer but better if you try to eat clean.

Ps. The same thing on Sundays can you mess up? It’s your choice.

I propose a relaxation in these terms, do not weigh, eat freely but clean!

Power 2


During quarantine you won’t be able to do many useful things but you have to adapt, improvise and achieve the goal

Combat sports, whether striking or fighting, have activities that are part of most training sessions but which you can’t do during quarantine.

I talk to you for example about jumping rope, shadowboxing, bag work, pad work, drilling and sparring standing and on the ground according to the discipline you practice or both.

You don’t need a gym to jump rope or do shadowboxing.

Honestly I want to tell you that if you do some good rope jumping and shadowboxing rounds with good intensity and already these two make a pretty useful and intense workout.

I know that lucky few also have the heavy sack in the house but whoever has it can definitely continue to do the packed sessions.

Ps. You can find some cheap online bags that have the limit of weighing little, are not the best but you do not need a heavy bag to start a great workout or invest immediately in a bag for your home gym for fighter.

Other activities such as focus pad, pao or sparring are a job that requires a partner, maybe your girlfriend.

I start by telling you that during quarantine it’s better that you stay away from sparring because you’re probably not in a protected environment, if you get hurt going to an emergency room is complicated. Sparring must be done in a controlled environment and under the watchful eye of a coach. Do sparring with a friend who tells you that he did this or that, etc. in your garage, with a neighbor will lead to injuries and bad technical habits if you are not an expert if you do not even ruin the friendship with your neighbor.

What you can and do is do the pao/focus pad/etc., you can do this!

If your girlfriend/wife, cohabitant, neighbor or friend have no training experience, it’s okay just do it gradually and to make the movement, you can not pretend to do Muay Thai pao as with Ajarn Gae;

Remember, one thing that improves your martial art is explaining it to someone who doesn’t know it.

So if you have a friend or friend, girlfriend or boyfriend who is available to help you train, do some of the exercises you learned in the gym and then practice together in the sense of doing once apiece but make sure you go slowly, especially at the beginning!

You may not have pads at home, but especially for striking with your hands you can use many things and you can not work on power but on other attributes and then you can also use a simple stick as you do with kali moving it in space three-dimensionally (hold the stick with two hands and hold it vertical, horizontal, diagonal by moving it and changing the position in space!)Quarantine Workout and how to train without being able to go to the gym and without tools for fighter! Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


This blog and Internet can help you with your workout during the quarantine period

Even if you can’t leave the house, you still have time to do many things and access to all the knowledge and content that you can find online even if as I always say you have to look very carefully but still at this time you have to adapt.

Attention! I make this point because in YouTube I see in the field of self-defense and combat sports really so much shit that is praised by kids and outsiders of this world who exalt low-level technical and ethical characters. Don’t worry that people are already understanding thanks to this blog and the kids grow up!

If there penises that’s how you found this article! Looking on the internet and this means that you have many ways to keep learning.

Now if your coach is reachable online you can with him:

  • Set up a Whatsapp session or live stream with your coach so it can help you during training and give you suggestions.
  • Join or create a social group of people who want to train and professionals who can encourage you and help you maintain your training, even from afar.
  • Staying fit doesn’t just mean maintaining fitness but staying focused on your specialty.
  • Watch an endless number of high-level fights and take advantage of the free content that some fighters provide such as workouts, open workouts, etc.
  • Use YouTube to discover new ideas or forms of training that you may never have practiced.

You have the choice!

Quarantine Workout and how to train without being able to go to the gym and without tools for fighter! Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportConclusions

We’re going through a difficult time, quarantine is something new for everyone but just because you’re going through a period of life where you can’t train in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your fitness, skills and your passion for the sport.

The personal defense and combat sports of striking or fighting are always there for you even in these moments.

Your forced break from the gym can last a few weeks, maybe a few months or in some cases even longer.

This too will pass, however, and if you follow the steps above you can continue your training, and maybe even if you work with precise focus you will find that maybe you can also get back in a better shape than when you were before the stop for the virus crown and the world pandemic.

When the quarantine ends and everything returns to normal (if there is a normal) and finally you can get back to the gym even fitter.

Try to take care of yourself and others.

Respect the quarantine and when you go out to do the shopping try to make it safe!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport!


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