Repeat the techniques again and again

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Repeat the techniques again and again.

Repetition has the ability to make a complex gesture simple” (Andrea).

Whatever the repetition of a gesture and technical repetition is a fundamental aspect of training.

The memory of the body is incredible to the point that it can automatically respond to a stimulus and go to find the perfect muscle call for that situation and make the technique fluid, explosive and for those who see it performed with incredible simplicity.

Repeat the techniques again and again Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Erik Paulson has repeatedly told how he used dummy to run 1000 arm bars from mount or other techniques.

In the fight and jiu jitsu but the same goes for striking sports such as boxing and Muay Thai there are hundreds of drills workouts to perform with your partner, with dummy or in drills only, which puts you in the light of having no excuse to train if you are alone.

It’s great to see how fantasy leads to creating workouts and tools to be able to perform techniques even when you are alone, from the most sophisticated to the simplest.

For this reason I want to bring back some statements during interviews of some masters of winning athletes in different disciplines of BJJ and MMA such as Andre Pederneiras (Nova Uniao) and Sylvio Bhering (Winner – Bhering) that they are not afraid to be repetitive when they ensure that the motto is to insist, insist and still insist when talking about technical training.

Pederneiras says:

“The key to everything lies in the techniques. In Judo, athletes perform 10,000 repetitions of projections for each workout. It is sad to see that the average bjJ people see this as a waste of time. Instead, we repeat the base positions at least 5 times during the initial warm-up of each practice session.”

The M. Sylvio adds:

“Every single title we have won in recent years with Mario Reis and Fabricio Werdum is due to this philosophy: repeat the fundamentals and apply them in sparring under close control; one of the two athletes performs all sorts of attacks (armlock, triangle etc.) and the other tries to defend against the blitz”, says Marcelo Bhering’s brother, who demands 100 series repetitions of 90 seconds at the end of training: “This way athletes reach exhaustion and let the movements flow naturally.”

At the end of the day, as the M. Jean Jacque Machado teaches, it is better to review a technique a thousand times, working on it for a month, than to learn a new one a day.

Even athletes of the likes of Nino ‘Elvis’ Schembri agrees with this advice and states that :

“I am increasingly convinced that you should pay attention first to the techniques, from the white belt to the black. The main thing in the BJJ, a sport in which, I believe, the most technical practitioner has the advantage, is to review the techniques. Everyone does it in boxing, judo etc. but in the BJJ people are a bit lazy, myself included.”

Repeat the techniques again and again Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Nino Schembri suggests repeating 50 times the techniques for each side at the beginning of training, three times a week. “And don’t even think for a second to stop!” says with a smile.

A famous quote from Bruce Lee said:

“I’m not afraid of a man who has practiced 10,000 football techniques once, but I’m afraid of a man who has played a football 10,000 times.”

Repeat the techniques again and again

In the famous boxing re-match between Marquez and Paquiao in which the Filipino athlete took a very hard knockout in the 6th round from the Mexican, in reality that condition that led to the KNOCKOUT was not at all random repeating until exhaustion that gesture that led to the KNOCKOUT by pulling a fight shot on paquiao’s lightning jab.

Ps. Foot aside, the foot trapping that did not allow Paquiao to move.

Repeat the techniques again and again Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

All arts involve repetition because it is an incredibly extraordinary way of educating your body to express a gesture or technique to the maximum of your ability.

Repetition makes a complex gesture simple!

Repeat the techniques again and again!

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