Right hand or left hand?

Right hand or left hand? Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportRight hand or left hand?.

It’s not about being right-handed or left-handed, but this approach is a skill development mindset.

The ability to use both hands with a weapon is an essential element if you want to develop a correct approach to combat where both hands work in symbiosis and coordinates for a common purpose, whether they are both armed or just one of the two armed hands.

In some martial arts very marked by self-defense the use of both hands with weapons is inherent in the art itself, just think of the espada y daga of Filipino Kali, but not only since many areas of the kali presuppose the use of the double weapon.

It is not just a matter of using both armed hands but of making both hands functional to perform numerous tasks not only defensive but to use it as a real weapon that can clearly hit but also grab, pull, distract, throw, etc.

It is very important to study the knife and the stick (if you practice Filipino Kali/Write even more) both with your left hand and with your right hand,and study all variants of the case on these conditions.

Don’t just use the same armed hand and when and if you have the chance to train with left-handers.

You got it right!!! So you have to do the same things with:

  • Your right hand on right armed hand
  • Your right hand on left armed hand
  • Your left hand on right armed hand
  • Your left hand on left armed hand

Right hand or left hand?I tell you about my experience, for a few months twice a week I did private knife lessons to a left-handed guy, this thing was enlightening because for 6 months with him I trained with the opposite hand and without realizing it an extraordinary thing happened, I use both hands equally, indeed, in some things I worked better with my armed left hand.

I never thought I’d achieve such a level of skill with myoppositehand, and now there are some things I can do even better with theoppositehand than the dominant hand.

Don’t just train with your nature hand,but study and explore what happens if you use the stick or knife with your other hand.

Ps. The same thing you should feel it with your bare hand by reversing the guard, consider that in Kali the concept of symmetry work is the basis of the system,you have to take your level to the point that there is no difference in using the right hand and left hand.


Right hand or left hand?

Try the Sx vs Sx techniques and also the variants with Right Hand vs Left Hand and vice versa.

This allows you to explore and discover a myriad of variants and gives you a greater understanding of the techniques you’ve studied.

PS. training in this way (not with your “natural” hand) is a real GYMNASTICS for your mind that makes you open a new world by discovering variants and situations that you had not imagined before.

You’ll find out how you need to vary your approach and your defensive and disarming system when the armed hand attacking you is not from the “usual” side or that is on the same side of your armed hand.

This approach is key to evolving your ability to adapt to different situations, not limited to the usual standard educational approaches.

Train with your other hand!

Stay Tuned! Right hand or left hand?

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