Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram Factory

4FC7E390-8E14-4117-A8D8-F1CB1E00F9C4-scaled-e1578480620279 Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram Factory

Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram Factory

I tried this type of rope to understand how in this field the evolution of a classic of a fighter’s training, rope jumping using tangram factory’sSmart Rope LED.

As with boxing trackers, the rope also has its own smart version that connects with your smartphone’s app to track results and make online competitions.

This string, thanks to the 23 LEDs present and connected to the magnetic sensors, shows you the data of your workout while you are in mid-air jumping.

There are two sets of ball bearings in each handle in each handle to ensure smooth and natural movement.

It could be an upgrade to your home gym.

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App Smart Gym Pro

Pair the Smart Rope rope with the Smart Gym app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. It allows you to record each complete rotation of the rope as a jump, and to track the calories burned and the duration of the session. It also offers interval training tips and rewards you with accolades to push you to always give your best. If you need a little extra motivation, you can also compete against your friends, and sync your data with Apple’s HealthKit to get an even more accurate picture of your overall well-being.

CDE7813D-8FC4-400A-B723-B7F7E80DFCCF Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram FactoryThe measurements of the rope

  • The size S (Small) is for people between 152 and 163 cm tall.
  • The measure M (Medium) is for people between 165 and 175 cm in height.
  • The size L (Large) is for people between 178 and 188 cm tall.
  • The XL (Extra-Large) size is for people between 191 and 201 cm tall.

9F8C031B-3050-4DF3-BA0F-CAC2279ADCF3 Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram FactoryKey features of the rope

  • The 23 LEDs embedded in the rope show in mid-air your workout data
  • Pair with the Smart Gym app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to help you train smarter
  • App and firmware updates continually renew your workouts
  • Exclusive magnetic sensors accurately record every jump
  • Two sets of ball bearings in each handle ensure a smooth and natural movement
  • Product design and user experience have received several international awards

D95C5723-0591-4FF3-9EB4-34C84A21AEF8 Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram Factory

What you find inside the box

  • Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope JUMP Rope
  • Nylon zipper case
  • The charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide

FD47F838-2E12-4DB3-96E0-D208F31468D6 Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram Factory

Product specifications

  • Other features: Bluetooth, Compatible with the Health app
  • Connections: Wireless
  • Bluetooth compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Power source: battery
  • Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

47792D44-5C2A-4945-BDE2-73972956C387 Rope to jump to LED Smart Rope by Tangram FactoryPrice: 85 euros



I tried this rope for a couple of weeks instead of my traditional strings and combined with the application provides you with interesting information that normally you do not have that allow you to measure rope sessions.

Also fun is the reward system making a kind of race that lead you to unlock levels and also the opportunity to participate in online sessions.

It is a heavier rope than the traditional ropes and although the bearings work well the weight of the rope is remarkable but for those looking for a certain type of training can also go well.

Clearly the price of 85 euros compared to the traditional rope is remarkable but it has many interesting functions.

Beware of the choice of rope size because it is not adjustable.

A funny object!

What do you think?

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