Sprint workout for fighters

Sprint workout for fighters

Sprint workout for fighters!

Running or sprinting?.

No need to talk but try this circuit of sprint workout for fighters, do this test and feel how your body responds.

In addition to doing the traditional circuits that you do in combat sports, it’s also important that you train in sprinting and long-distance racing during training for a fight or match.

Although sprints are not usually at the top of a fighter’s list of activities to do or one of the “favorite things to do”, it is important how you know how to get an adequate level of cardio to support the entire match and in addition to the traditional circuits running can be a method to improve your cardio.

Your heart rate increases and you develop that explosive speed and power needed for battle.

I usually do this sprint circuit the day before I have a day off so that my body can recover, also because it’s a type of workout that your body is probably not used to doing.

When to do this circuit

I tell you one thing, if I do this type of circuit at the beginning of my training week, I’m usually fatigued for several days and it has a negative effect on my weekly workout, so I recommend you try it, but I repeat you do a test but if you see that it affects your weekly workout do so only at the end of the week.

If you feel like it and you’re with a friend try timing your performances to see if they get better with time.

Going to run long distances (half marathon or marathon) develops endurance, helps you set a breathing pace and synchronizes your body and mind.

A long time you can do it once every two weeks and usually allows you to reap good benefits at the cardio level, but it is important that you always listen to your body.

It is a nice line and training method to push yourself every now and then to the limit to see where you are and to test how it is your ability to push yourself to the limit but if I have to choose I prefer to push until I exhaust through sparring or conducting simulated fights, Drills, Pao, etc. because they are directly related to what the fight is.

Sprint workout for fighters

So instead of running many kilometers try to do this circuit and see how your body feels and how it responds in training, if it improves your overall condition.

Sprint workout circuit for fighters:

A – 5 X 100 – meters sprints at maximum speed (walk back slowly and start from the line after each sprint)

B – 5 X 50 – meters sprints at maximum speed (walk back slowly and start from the line after each sprint)

C – 5 x 25 – meters sprints at maximum speed (walk back slowly and start from the line after each sprint)

D – 5 X 10 – meters sprints at maximum speed (walk back slowly and start from the line after each sprint)

Ps. If you have a friend who does athletics get invited where he trains so if there is a track it can be a different place to focus and with precise references on distance, or look if there are any equipped parks, or tracks where you can enter to train.

An important thing is to repeat this circuit and if you have the opportunity to measure yourself with the correct times and recoveries to see if your body responds well to this circuit and if the performance improves.

Clearly it is a workout that must be inserted within a structured athletic preparation and in certain phases of athletic preparation but wants to be a cue to feel on yourself the feeling of doing such a training session and that you can also do alone or with a training partner to take the times.

Good workout with this sprint workout for fighters!!


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