“Sbullit Action” is the application created to combat bullying and cyberbullying

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bullying-1019271_1920 "Sbullit Action" is the application created to combat bullying and cyberbullying

“Sbullit Action” the application created to combat bullying and cyberbullying.

With this post we want to help promote an initiative that we hope will be one of many aimed at improving knowledge and we hope the elimination of this type of behavior among young people that often results in real crimes.

It departed on January 16th from Fano, in the Marches, the test trip of “Sbullit Action, App (click in the link to download it) created by Vento Foundation and designed to support young people in the adolescent phase, offering real positive stimuli and help for children who are bullied or bullied and offering a training path to help children better understand the phenomenon.

A “different” laboratory from the usual designed specifically for boys.

Designed specifically to be a place where everyone but especially the boys and victims of abuse,have the opportunity to reintegrate and recover from the negative experiences lived, using various creative forms.

To find yourself in a safe, safe and far from the risks of the network to share positive and negative experiences and help other people get out of that bad experience more easily.

Sbullit-action "Sbullit Action" is the application created to combat bullying and cyberbullying

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Inside there is also an attractive and easy-to-use quiz game by everyone that aims to raise awareness of the correct, useful and alternative use of the smartphone,also conveying issues related to civic education.

These are very important aspects and that can no longer be considered second-rate because the smartphone has become an object that allows a hyper connection and especially among young people is a truly pervasive tool.

In addition to the children, the parents themselves should be more aware of the potential risks, and I’m not just talking about the bullying and cyberbullying their kids may be in, but we’ll talk about that in a specific post.

sbullit-action_logo "Sbullit Action" is the application created to combat bullying and cyberbullyingHow does the “Sbullit Action” app work?

There are three main features:

  1. The app also has the function of social network limited to the province in which the boy lives and being an app with geocalizer young people will be able to compare with all the peers of the province and share their experiences.
  2. Then there is the section dedicated to quizzes: a section for different types of quizzes, divided into several levels, whose themes range from general culture to civic education. All this is complemented by a ranking – both at the provincial and national level – that allows the challenge between the individuals or among the best groups, with the possibility of course sharing the successes and results obtained on their social networks.
  3. Then there is the hunt for the invisible, a section of the App that is specially designed to be addressed by groups of boys. There are several real routes that you can tackle and just go to the starting point, solve the quiz – a question related to where you are – move to the next point and so on.

For anyone who is bullied even on social media, the app includes:

  • real contact with a group of psychologists or experts from the Wind Foundation
  • following the call and its reason, it will then be the coordinators of the Foundation, after an audit, to report the whole thing to the police.

So it’s not a game!

call-3613071-300x300 "Sbullit Action" is the application created to combat bullying and cyberbullying

It should be noted that the report can also be passed anonymously and this is in fact possible thanks to the operating system of the App that is protected and protected.

Currently the application is active and used during testing at a Pesarese School Institute but the goal is to receive as soon as possible the indications of the Miur and then contact the Procurator and the individual Institutes in order to spread it as quickly as possible, initially in the area Pesaro-Fano-Urbino and then to expand first at the regional level and to follow throughout Italy.

nuclear-threat-2721836_1920 "Sbullit Action" is the application created to combat bullying and cyberbullying