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Screening-Self-Defence-1 Screening Self Defence

Screening Self Defence provides a set of procedures and strategies for obtaining an instant study of a number of elements needed to anticipate, identify and prevent an assault.

It involves doing a series of analyses to identify:

Screening Self Defence is for you to be able to assess the degree of danger of the situation as quickly as possible and take immediate action to adopt the most effective strategies to neutralize it.

Attention I did not talk about techniques to adopt because what is fundamental are the principles behind the technique, no condition allows the ideal technique in the real world, it is like shooting the polygon at a stationary target or shooting a person in a different environment, moving, not in line and shoots him too.

Much of the strategy suggested by Screening Self Defence techniques emerges:

  • experience and experience
  • statistical analysis of the various types of aggression.
  • training
  • personal skills

This branch of self-defense science can divide aggression into several categories:

  • Aggression by habitual thugs
  • Aggression by thugs
  • Aggression resulting from quarrels
  • Aggression by persons in a mental impaired state

In a situation of divergence that can lead to a violent reaction, the main difference between a person experienced in self-defense (I’m not talking to you about combat,they’re two different things, if you fight they’re other skills but it means you’ve failed or you couldn’t do otherwise) and a “common” person, is that the latter will immediately yield to violence instinctively, or almost.

The self-defense expert is ready for violence as the first option, but keeps it as a last choice if necessary.

In some contexts you have to escape or attack but we will go to see the various cases in different contexts.

Screening Self Defence can give you a big advantage in a critical situation.

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