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Shadow Boxing Muay Thai

Shadow Boxing Muay Thai

Shadow Boxing Muay Thai

Muay Thai shadow boxing training.

At first when they tell you to make a vacuum, you never know what to do exactly, so you start to look at what others do but it’s not always the right thing to do.

This is a workout that you can do as shadow boxing Muay Thai with ideas to do a functional workout.

Work on each series for 2 minutes with a 30-second break.

There are 6 workspaces so in total it’s 15 minutes of vacuum including breaks.

Important!! , maintain a high intensity as both running speed and power.

It varies the pace of execution and does not look on the ground.

Don’t stand still!

Use the space you have and emphasize footwork!

Do not perform stationary techniques and combinations.

Important, don’t forget to properly warm up your muscles before any physical workout to avoid injury.

Do at least 3 rounds of jumping rope or very light vacuum.

You can also use the original Thai namman Muay oil to warm up your muscles well.


Single work area in Muay Thai Shadow Boxing:

Make a vacuum using the shots you know.


Combined area in Muay Thai Shadow Boxing:

1) Boxing – Elbows

2) Boxing – Kicking

3) Boxing – Knees

4) Elbows – Knees

5) Kicking – Knees

6) Kicking – Elbows


Merge the two workspaces using the shots you know.

Shadow Boxing Muay Thai

Clinch area in Muay Thai Shadow Boxing:

  • Elbow shots from the Clinch
  • Straight skip knees
  • Curve skip knees
  • Combined skip knees (straight and curve)



  • All together,away, everything you know (Boxing, Kicking, Elbows, Knees, Clinch)



Imagine defending yourself from a low kick to your left leg. You can use the same defense but different answers (options) and make it a series of combinations:

1) Left Shield, Foot Jab

2) Left Shield, Left Kick

3) Left Shield, Right Kick

4) Left Shield, Right Knee

5) Left Shield, Left Knee

6) Left Shield, Cross

… Etc.

Ps. You can vary the shot you receive.

Given the wide use in Muay Thai I deliberately inserted the Low Kick shot.


The series you read is just one example, you can create your own and work on those, but start trying out the ones I propose.

  • Boxing evasiveness (Slip, Duck, Sway back, Bob, Bob & Weave, Shoulder Roll)
  • Upper Blocks (Side Cover, Front Cover, Cross Cover)
  • Leg Blocks (Leg Shield, Cross Shield, low line, middle line)



The void is a fundamental exercise that all the pros perform because it is beyond a physical training is a mental training and helps to internalize combinations, strategies, movements and if done well it is an exercise that tests you both physically and mentally.

Perform the vacuum wearing gloves and mouthguard to get used to the fighting condition, and if required also the helmet and the para tibia.

This does not mean that you have to do shadow boxing with all the protections every time, it also depends in this case what is the goal of this training session but when you go towards the date of the match then it is important that you feel comfortable with the equipment you will have on the ring.

It is important that during the empty sessions you stay focused and maintain a certain volume of blows or dodges, etc. because a too bland rhythm is not realistic and not very productive as training.

Follow the advice I gave you in this post as a track especially if you are not used to this type of training and write me in the comments how you found yourself following this track.

Happy shadow boxing training for Muay Thai, fight and train with your shadow!

Stay Tuned!

Shadow Boxing Muay Thai

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