Every now and then you have to sharpen your axe

Every now and then you have to sharpen your axe

Every now and then you have to sharpen your axe!

Today I want you to read and know this story because surely the same thing happened to you because it happens to everyone in their own martial path as in this story of the logger:

“Once upon a time there was a mighty woodcutter looking for work.

After touring several cities, the woodcutter finally found employment with a prominent wood merchant.

The excellent pay and excellent working conditions convinced the woodcutter to give the best of himself.

On the first day the chief gave the newcomer an axe and pointed to the area of the forest where he was supposed to work.

At the end of the day, the mighty logger shattered the record of other employees, reaching 18 downed trees.

The chief sincerely congratulated him, and this motivated the woodcutter even more.

On the second day the woodcutter worked with all his energies, but at sunset there were 15 trees felled.

Not at all demoralized, on the third day the logger engaged with even more vigour, but again the number of trees fell: 10 units.

No matter how much energy he put into his work, day after day, the number of felled trees continued to fall inexorably.

Mortified, the logger presented himself to the boss apologizing for the poor performance.

To which the experienced wood trader asked his employee a simple question: “When was the last time you sharpened your axe?”.

A little embarrassed, the woodcutter replied, “Sir, I didn’t have time to sharpen my axe, I was too busy cutting down the trees.”


What about you… when was the last time you sharpened your axe?

If you continue to work hard, without achieving the desired results, you’re probably working with “a blunt axe”.

Every now and then you have to sharpen your axe

Increasing training hours, intesting, in these cases, can prove an unnecessary waste of time: stop, learn to regularly carve out moments of relaxation to make ideas flow and rest, take time to sharpen your… Mind.

Never stop training, experience new roads,get out of your comfort zone,look at other methods to train the same thing, write me to know what I do or write to a friend of yours.

You have to give yourself the luxury of making mistakes, you try new ways because you need to find your true way and when you find it then you will imprint your renewed “axe” with all the strength you have in your body to expand your martial art.

Remember that sometimes, taking a break is the most effective choice.

This does not mean not training but understanding that if you keep doing the same things you will hardly get a result other than what you have today.

Let your thoughts flow, expand and question what you know by experimenting with new forms of training.

You’re simply sharpening your axe or modifying it to make it more effective for your purpose.

Sharpen your axe!!!

Stay Tuned!

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