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Shock Knife Training

Shock Knife Training

Shock Knife Training, the current on the blade wire.

One of the most difficult aspects to simulate is certainly in fencing with the knife or in knife aggression tests contact with the blade.

As much as you can train the frost that instills a real blade is a feeling that makes even the most prepared fighters tremble.

There are knife training knives of all materials, shapes, sizes and colors.

Wood, metal, rubber, with markers, with painted ribbons to stain, etc. but the substance is that to train properly you have to be careful of characteristics that should never be underestimated.

Knife is not a game! The knife is not a game!

Knife is not a game

Aluminium training knives

The use in sparring and technical study of the knife must allow to perform techniques on a rigid and inflexible object to allow to have the right stiffness and that is why Industry professionals use aluminum knives in order to resist impacts also from the other training knife during the fencing.

This type of training knife allows you to have the perception of a real knife and train realistically by being able to make disarmaments from a stalemate with bare hand and knife.

Knife training for knife fencing

Surely you have to pay attention to the roundness of the edges and to protect sensitive parts of the body such as eyes and genitals but the fact that it is aluminum and not rubber brings the level of attention more in “high”.

Ps. Rubber and wooden knives with shapes that do not resemble the knife are not good.

Shock Knife Training Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

With this type of rubber or wooden knife you do not have the typical weight and shape, you have to use a training knife similar to the one you would use, already aluminum makes it lighter than a steel knife.

Knife Training

The aluminum training knife allows you to have the perception of a real knife and train in a realistic way where if not held correctly at the moment of impact you can lose the weapon, if there is an opportunity to make disarmaments (never to be sought) with bare hand and with a knife.

Tips on protections for sparring with knife training

  • For sparring I usually use fencing masks,which is very important, or I have aluminum knives covered with a very thick rubber that allows you to train safely even if I prefer the first solution. It depends on the type of training that needs to be done.
  • Mouthguards even if you have the fencing mask.
  • In the parts exposed as hands I use hockey gloves and for the elbows and knees the classic elbow pads and knee pads. It is very important to work safely.
  • For the genitals the classic shell.

Shock Knife Training

In recent years one of the novelties is the shock knife training, it is a plastic knife but equipped with a system that creates an electric arc that generates along the blade wire a very high voltage current that activates at the press of a button.

It should be used to perform a certain type of work, not for all training sessions.

Shock Knife Training Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Website –

The intensity of the electric shock of the shock knife training can be adjusted.

I used it to the maximum because I was curious to feel the sensation, quiet does not hurt and does not create burn, the feeling is that of a more prolonged electrostatic shock.

Set lower you don’t get the same feeling that you set it to the max.

shock knife training

Attention! In Italy it is forbidden but I had the chance to try it in Switzerland.

The knife if not activated is a good training knife even if the handle is a bit bulky because of the battery and the balance is not ideal but it can also be used without its function even if it makes no sense to use it so given the cost and alternatives of the aluminum knife.

Shock Knife Training

The intensity test with shock knife training

I felt the sensation by putting the intensity of the shock knife to the maximum level and the feeling is that of an electric shock that instinctively makes you retract your arm.

In this mode, the battery doesn’t last very long.

Trying to do sparring honestly I do not see a great advantage over the classic aluminum knives, if you are touched you know it and it makes no sense to lie to yourself however useful to see the neuro muscle response.

I found it more useful in stall situations or when working to control the weapon in a fighting situation where it is more complicated to tell if the blade is resting on the back or already the wire or tip is touching you.

Like any tool you have to use it in the right contexts although I have to say that it is very versatile but we are talking about a training knife from 350 euros!

The body snaps for the shock!!!!

The knife shock I found it valid used during sockets and checks because if he felt the shock it means that he would actually touch the blade wire.

Possibly you can overcome this by coloring the knife blade in paint in alumni however the reaction as a neuro muscle response when you are in contact with the electric discharge of the blade is similar to the response of the cut and it is interesting to see this work.

Shock Knife Training
A curious and tried object even if I sincerely find it unhelpful in order to really improve, it can be used as a tool to add to your training knife set to do specific exercises but it still remains a nice idea.

Shock Knife Training

The price of shock knife training

The price for these knives is not the cheapest around 350 euros, even if you take couples you have a slight savings.

If you have money to invest in equipment it can be a valuable investment to do educational tests in your gym.

Technology such as shock knife training can help and avoid getting dirty with red marker even if it has a strong impact to see the number of cuts you can receive when you look in the mirror.

Ps. If you can and if you can never get “colored”, you are not a sheet of paper.

You always have to train with the goal that you never have to be touched, because this is the right approach even if it’s a workout.

Remember, you fight the way you work out.

Definitely in training you have to experiment and try and many times you will be wrong but it must be a conscious job, if you are doing sparring you do not have to try you have to finish the workout or 1-0 for you or 0-0 , because 1-1 Knife fighting is not good, even worse 0-1.

Shock Knife Training Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Shock Knife Training Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Surely shock knife training is a tool to have to do tests and a certain type of work related to contact with the blade wire during manipulations but still reserved for instructors and advanced students.

The training knife you always have to think of as true as ever as a game!

Always respect the knife! Knife is not a game!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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