Socrates’ 3 sietacci for martial arts

3 siecci of socratesIn ancient Greece Socrates had a great reputation for wisdom.

One day someone came to see the great philosopher, and said to him:

You know what I just heard about your friend?

“One moment,” Socrates replied. Before you tell me, I’d like to give you a three-sieta test.

The three tys?

“But yes,” Socrates continued. – Before you tell everything about others, it’s good to take the time to filter out what you would like to say. I call it the three-siecci test. The first sieve is the truth. Have you checked if what you’re going to tell me is true?

No, I’m not. I just heard about it…

Very good. So you don’t know if it’s the truth. Let’s continue with the second sieve, that of goodness. What you want to tell me about my friend, is that good?

Oh no! Contrary

“So,” Socrates continued, “you want to tell me bad things about him and you’re not even sure they’re true. Maybe you can still pass the test, it remains the third sieve, that of utility. Is it useful for me to know what this friend would have done to me?

No, really.

“Then,” concluded Socrates, “what you wanted to tell me is neither true, nor good, nor useful; why did you want to tell me?

Socrates’ 3 sietacci for martial arts

If each of us could meditate and apply this little “test”… maybe the world would be better and If you applied this in martial arts and combat sports maybe you would get more avoiding wasting time behind unnecessary fashions of the moment that do not bring anything to your martial art.

Socrates' 3 sietacci for martial arts Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

I also tell you that often, even if you see athletes using a certain equipment or accessory does not mean that they actually use it because they are likely to be paid to make some videos and photos while training with a certain object, tool, accessory.

They’re paid! It’s marketing!

Socrates' 3 sietacci for martial arts Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

These are manipulations that we are all subjected to.

For example I personally, always looking for improvements in teaching and training methodologies, I often get attracted to things I feel and then leave with incredible speed but I do it to really advise you through the ExpertFightingTips blog the best that is available today and prevent you from spending money unnecessarily on things that make no contribution to your improvement.

But that’s part of my job!

video_games_Dying_Light-143765The world of martial arts and combat sports is not immune to all this and every year if not every 6 months comes the novelty making you go around without a precise goal like a zombie.

Every year comes:

  • the most effective new martial art,
  • the fighting system used by the Vikings,
  • the new diet that eats what you want but lose weight,
  • the new fitness tool to blow up your power,
  • Etc.

Basically the solution that will solve all your problems!

I’m sorry there are no magic wands!

The road is always the same and there are few novelties
that really contribute to your improvement
and often are not so new but are objects that become commercial after coming out of a test path lasting years, if not decades like the Kettlebell for example.

Social media and the network are full of these things,a continuous hammering with the sole purpose of making you spend some money to fill the void of your hopes.

Hundreds of martial arts created, new systems, etc. but it is curious to see instead that the champions always study the same things from the most traditional to the most modern but the names in their martial resumes never mention strange things but always from Karate to Taekwondo, from Muay Thai to Jiu Jitsu to name a few.

Already with existing ones you have decades of work before you jump into strange arts that usually go looking for a target of people who are disappointed or looking for non-existent shortcuts.

Not to mention the inflated world of self-defense or self-defence where behind these names hides everything and more and where only the 20 of the one proposed has a useful and real value, the rest are improvisations of pseudo competent people or skilled marketers who try to place courses and diplomas without worrying about putting people’s lives at risk

I repeat, mind you, who succeeds, the best, the top fighters use more or less always the same things and when it adopts some new solution it is because it really brings a contribution.


Also in martial arts he uses the Socrates method of the three sietas.

Stay focused, don’t turn around looking at all the windows with “bright signs”, use what you have well.


What do you think?

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