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Violence against women in Spain

Violence against women in Spain

Violence against women in Spain.

Spain is serious about gender-based violence by signing a ‘state pact’ which the country’s press calls historic and which is intended to serve as a reference for many other countries.

Now because this article, as you know if you follow the blog the attention to the issue of violence against women and women’s self-defense is something that is treated very carefully.

I know that this is not enough and that there are not a few lines on a blog to eliminate the problem but I still want to do my part and help as much as possible people to raise awareness on this issue because even in Italy it is necessary to build real structures and laws suitable to stop forms of gender violence.

If you are a woman, a girl who fortunately does not have this kind of problem do not remain indifferent, but helps people who do not have your luck and spread this information, talk about it in the places that frequent and sensitizes people.

This country needs to make important progress on this issue, and much more attention from all, private citizens and institutions that often do not pay real attention to the issue.

Let’s start with the figure made available by the Spanish government for this:

“Abillion euros to spend over the next five years to start putting into practice what is now only on paper.”

A billion. You got it right.

The law on violence against women in Spain is not only made up of words but also of major economic investments.

Violence against women in Spain

A lot of money, especially when viewed by the unpacked and much more modest figures dedicated here to the fight against gender violence.

I want you to understand better, thirty-one million divided (three months ago) among all the Regions as a “fund for rights and equal opportunities policies” for the years 2017/2018.

Violence against women in Spain

Spain’s new law on gender-based violence

The text of the Spanish law also provides for 200 new measures, including one which concerns the fight against‘male violence already in the school’.

The intention is to focus on education and a cultural change to ensure that ‘egalitarian values and the prevention of violent behaviour’ are fostered at all levels of education.

Even in our 2015 national anti-violence plan, there was talk of prevention from schools, but there was never any reason to make that indication mandatory, which, in fact, remained on paper.

This is the possibility that perhaps the Spaniards will avoid having provided a very strict road map to apply the state pact and check if and how it works.

Many Spanish newspapers say that gender-based violence is “one of the worst scourges in the country”, with 32 women killed since the beginning of the year.

With us in Italy, with yesterday’s murder, we counted 45 in 2017.

And this does not exclude all forms of violence that do not lead to a murder but that still ruin people’s lives and are many.

Those who work in the institutions should immediately study the work done on violence against women in Spain because it is no longer tolerable that on certain issues attention is only an electoral or form commercial.

Violence against women in Spain.

Don’t be indifferent.

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violence against women in Spain

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