Sprint workout for striking 2020

sprint workout
Sprint workout for striking in 2020 is a useful workout to improve your overall performance.
I’m sure you’re constantly trying to improve your strength and conditioning because you know how important it is for the fighter.
Now that you are a practitioner of Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai,Kickboxing, Karate,Kung Fu, Silat, Eskrima, Krav Maga,etc. there are always in athletic training of the common elements, which are explosive strength and endurance and this sprint workout can help you.
Strength and endurance are key during combat and therefore these two “ingredients” must be blended perfectly.

What do I mean?

Having so much strength and little stamina doesn’t take you far into combat and having so much stamina and little explosive force doesn’t make your shots effective.
Now this seems relatively simple to understand and can be if you train “pushing” because this improves your cardio and if you are able to perform sprint training with intensity and concentration in addition to endurance also goes to improve your explosiveness.
Well, this intense workout all about speed and using in the circuit only your body weight are one of the most effective workouts for best and help you improve the anaerobic threshold, explosiveness and endurance in general.
The advantage of this sprint workout is that you can do it anywhere and alone,so even when you are on vacation, on the weekend, you did not go to train because you came out late from work,etc.
It is a very used workout in some stages of preparation in striking but that I think some of you do not know.
Try sprint training!

Ps. If you want you can also do it in the gym with your students, with small variants and does not take much time.

The sprint training circuit:

  • 10 Folding on the arms
  • 10 Jump Squat
  • 50 Sprint meters at your maximum speed (then go back walking)
  • 10 Bending on Plyometric arms (clapping hands for those who don’t know what they are)
  • 10 Jump Lunges
  • 50 Sprint meters at your maximum speed (then go back walking)
Repeat this circuit for 5 sets !
Between sets rest 1 minute !
Sprint workout for striking 2020 Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

In addition to doing the traditional circuits that are done in combat sports, it is also important that you train in sprinting and long-distance running during training for a fight or match.

Although sprints are not usually at the top of a fighter’s list of activities to do or one of the “favorite things to do”, it is important how you know how to get an adequate level of cardio to support the entire match and in addition to the traditional circuits running can be a method to improve your cardio.

Your heart rate increases and you develop that explosive speed and power needed for battle.

I usually do this sprint circuit the day before I have a day off so that my body can recover, also because it’s a type of workout that your body is probably not used to doing.

When to do this circuit

I tell you one thing, if I do this type of circuit at the beginning of my training week, I am usually fatigued for several days and it has a negative effect on my weekly training, so I recommend you try, but I repeat do a test but if you see that it affects your weekly training do it only at the end of the week.

Clearly it is a workout that must be inserted within a structured athletic preparation and in certain phases of athletic preparation but wants to be a cue to feel on yourself the feeling of doing such a training session and that you can also do alone or with a training partner to take the times.

Functional and athletic training must always be balanced within your specialty, you are a fighter so your main training you know what it is .. you know it without needing me to write it to you.
If you liked let me know in the comments!
Stay Tuned!
Train Hard! Train Smart!
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