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Srbosjek, the open-handed knife

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Srbosjek_knife_used_in_Croatia_-_1941%E2%80%931945-e1557904619907 Srbosjek, the open-handed knife

Srbosjek, the open-handed knife.

Today I want to introduce you to a macabre knife called Srbosjek and which has unfortunately created a sad reputation for its brutal use during the Second World War for the rapid killing of prisoners in concentration camps.

This is not the pinky knife of Freddy Krueger, the macabre character from the horror movie Nightmare but an object always built with a glove.

I have to say that the first time I saw this type of knife the feeling I had without yet knowing its history was of an aftertaste of human sadism, a tremble of horror.

Despite being a fan of South East Asian knives like the Karambit which is a type of “knife” and functional tool that I love but seeing the srbosjek must immediately understand that it is something that has behind a horrible “human” story.

Of course it is not the tool but its use but going to read its story you understand that the feeling I felt was correct.


The characteristics of the Srbosjek knife

(Croatian for “Serbian size”) is a weapon specially created by the ustaša of the Independent State of Croatia and produced by the German company Gebrüder Gräfrath of Solingen on a special order from the Croatian Ustaša government and consists essentially of a leather glove to which a blade of about ten centimeters is attached.

One of the characteristics of this knife is that because of its shape it allowed to have free hands.

The glove just covered the palm and back of the hand, leaving all five fingers free.

The blade was attached to a glove plate, so as not to risk causing injury to the user, and not to have to handle a knife in its own right, which increased the speed of use.

The blade was built slightly curved (not like a Karambit) to allow the dismay of the victims with as little effort as possible and was therefore designed to kill large numbers of people.srbosjek-knife-7 Srbosjek, the open-handed knife

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