Striking training sessions

Striking training sessions.

Striking training sessions.

All the workouts you do or do must be designed to improve your technical and physical and mental conditioning skills.

They talk in general about the standing industry and I mean Dirty Boxing or Muay Thai, all the workouts you do or that make you do must be designed to improve your technical and physical and mental conditioning skills so that you feel safe for your next hard sparring session or for a big battle!

Your weapons must be sturdy and sharp.

Beware of what I now tell you but if you want, but my advice is that you have to use your standing martial art to insert any other shot of a standing martial art.

I by choice and preparatoryly train Dirty Boxing and Muay Thai because I believe these two systems are and contain enough skills to be able to face any standing opponent.

What I want to tell you though is that even if you’re still a specialist in other systems, you don’t just have to use your system shots but use them to your liking.

I still insert shots of Savate, Tae kwon do, Silat, Sikaran, etc. but I do not do targeted training outside of Dirty Boxing and Muay Thai but I only insert shots that I consider very effective in a context of free combat but also sports.

Striking training sessions.

Ask specialists

A tip is to ask for help if you see some shots that you find very interesting to specialists because they give you to suggest how to train them effectively.

If you participate in Muay Thai sessions and classes even if you’re just trying to gain more confidence in yourself, or you want to lose weight and get fit, always listen and I want you to keep an open dialogue with me and try all kinds of exercise programs and training plans that you normally jump or don’t consider important to your goal is that you’re not doing it.

You have to constantly challenge your body and mind through learning and performing new workout routines.

This will help you improve your health and fitness no matter what your goals are!

No matter whether you want to get in the ring or not, you have to train with the same determination and intensity as if you had to.

Don’t skip striking training sessions or do cabbage techniques because you think these are for agonists or those who want to do sparring.

If you have to “sharpen” the tibie do not think that it only serves those who go in the ring.

Striking training sessions.

Use a diary or notebook

Keep track of your results,
mark how you felt in that workout, what you ate that day, you have to find out what’s best for you and your body.

I’m sure you have an agenda or a notebook you don’t use, here’ Starts.

Don’t keep doing the same training program, the same combinations, and the same exercises, it is likely that your body will begin to adapt to the movements and your physique will not be stressed enough, this involves habit and you will no longer see an improvement.

It varies the intensity, duration, type of shots and combinations, etc.

The key is what you have to challenge yourself !!!

Striking training sessions.

There are some key points to get the best results in the Dirty Boxing and Muay Thai sessions that you should always keep in mind in your lineup:

  • Work on your weakest link, for example are kicks, double the workouts on this area.
  • Write down the training programs and exercises I make you do! Keep track of your progress so you can see how much you’ve improved and what you can do in case you feel you’re standing still!
  • Push your body and mind out of the comfort zone because when you do these following explosive and intense training programs … After you feel better but important not to push past your physical and form skills of that moment, you get hurt or go into over training!
  • Learn more about training sessions throughout the week to learn about how your body reacts and whether it has enough time to rest and recover between workouts.
  • If possible, train with a training partner in Muay Thai! It’s easier to go to the gym every time if you have a mate around who pushes you even when you’re tired because you will be.
  • You have to figure out which are the best exercises and free training plans work best for you! Keep trying new exercises and workouts until you’ve learned to do a wide variety of programs, movements and exercises!
  • Build your strategy,I did a whole article about this.

Now build striking training sessions, search the blog, or write to me.

Stay Tuned and good striking training!

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