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Street vs Sport , the false problem that divides

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street-fighting Street vs Sport , the false problem that divides
Street vs Sport,the fake problem that divides!

“The road is something else!!” when I hear these speeches in the gym, during internships or among friends I get chills because I feel like I hear the debates where there is politician A and politician B where each of them has the truth in hand.

For me these speeches are totally useless because as in politics common sense must prevail even in martial arts must be done the same thing, otherwise you want to bring water to your mill at the expense of someone else with the consequent reality that the truth is elsewhere.

Street vs Sport , the fake problem

Surely the conditions between street and combat sports are different, one is unregulated and the other has many regulatory restrictions (referee, clothing, time, allowed shots, prohibited shots, etc.)

Now why is it a false problem that even the most honest street worshippers have admitted, how do you train in the Real Street Fight?.

Do you punch yourself in training until you crippling forever?.

№!!! You know you can’t do that.

Now often in personal defense training we talk, but talk too much, about Street Fight when it should be trained instead.

Seeing techniques of stroke and dodges but without placing them in a non non-cooperative context becomes like watching recipes on TV and thinking you know how to cook.

Or see simulations with assaults of “aggressors” without you having the chance to actually hit it and see the real answer.

What’s the point?.

So what do you have to do?.

Fighting sport i.e. putting on gloves and boxing, or Muay Thai, or Kickboxing, or MMA.

I’m sorry to tell you but there’s no other way!!.

It’s not Street vs Sport but Street and Sport!

Only then can you test whether the techniques you study work and learn how to make them work with you and your athletic physical characteristics.

Now you can make it closer to your interest as a street fighter ok, keep the clothing you usually use, enter unexpected things like popping up a stick or a training knife,but what I want to tell you that this is the only way you have to really train the skills you need and do sparring with protections, so gloves or gloves (better for size), para tibie,shell and helmet.

How do you try the kicks in the balls with someone who doesn’t want to let them pull them and doesn’t stand still, or more importantly, how can you not kick in the balls from one who throws them at you?.

If you want to learn, you have to get off the shore, swim!!!

You have to sparring, with a training partner followed by a qualified instructor.

Do you want an example exercise since you like to kick balls only in theory?.

Try it this way.

A mate of yours attacks you freely and you just want to hit him to the balls as you like with hands feet equal, you will find that it is less simple when they attack you.

You have to change something!!!

You’re going to tell me, but I’m going to surprise him if I’m waiting for him, okay, but you’re sure I didn’t wait for him?.

Do you think one who goes to attack someone is the first time he does it or is it a habitual dickhead who has already seen so many colors?.

He has a strategy when he attacks you, too.

Also you have to learn to perform shots in primary targets (as in my example of before the classic kick in the balls) even not to the surprise of one who attacks you in front with open legs and the writing on the t-shirt kick me in the balls.

bz6vtli Street vs Sport , the false problem that divides

Now to go back to the street vs sport talk what I want you to understand is that there is no better or worse but only that you who do street or personal defense are obliged to pass by the sport even if you do not want to get in a ring because “my ring is the way” but to train you have to even if as I told you before inserting more variables do combat sports.

Street combat is “more complicated” for many variables and unknowns than sport, but while for those who do combat sports it is his way of training for you that you do self-defense is still an obligatory step if you want to make a leap of quality.

Sports and self-defense are the two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other. The risk that those who practice combat sports and martial arts run is to forget the origin for which the fighting arts and the war arts have developed.

Not doing combat sports that is striking or fighting leads not to evolve art, and not facing personal defense leads to considering combat only as a game with rules.

Don’t be distracted by this false problem that divides!

These are aspects interconnected by an intrinsic bond that you cannot divide.

Good street fighter sports training!!!

Stay Tuned! Street vs Sport

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Ps. Now if I can give you advice he works on personal defense but also on sport, I tell you this because I have always done both kinds of approaches in my personal training, both sport and personal defense and pretending to hit someone is something that in personal defense does enormous damage by deluding people to know how to do something but only in their head and not in reality so train in sports as well and hit.

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