Struggling to lose weight

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arts-4838225_1920-1 Struggling to lose weight

Struggling to lose weight, this slogan is often associated in many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu courses where it is said that in addition to learning to defend yourself and struggling one of the benefits is to take an amazing level of form and lose weight.

It has often become the slogan of many courses to convince the undecided and find an alternative to the classic fitness gym.

Struggle to lose weight but is it really true?

Those who attend a wrestling course do so not for aesthetic reasons but because they are interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Submission Grappling, and do so to learn the art of struggle and learn to defend themselves in case of aggressions certainly do not struggle to lose weight.

Some will do it for the pleasure of going to the gym to learn an art others up to compete in competitive competitions.

If you engage in what you do as in every sport you know very well how important nutrition is for several reasons:

  • Ensuring the right energy levels to support workouts
  • Staying in your own weight that is crucial if you compete
  • Marry a philosophy also linked to self-care through nutrition

When you are in an environment where most people are attentive to these aspects allows you as well as acquiring the technical knowledge of art also of the knowledge on how to feed yourself properly, you are in an environment where people are fit and therefore you are also brought even if you are not a competition player to improve yourself and even if attending a wrestling course is not made to lose weight but fighting also makes you lose weight but you do not have to fight to lose weight as a goal but to learn the art of struggle.

yoga-629847_1920 Struggling to lose weight