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TRX and suspension training

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The TRX is the brand that has spread suspended training or suspension training.

TRX suspension training is the solution to a problem that was found by its creator, Randy Hetrick, who to keep himself and his Navy SEAL comrades in shape during long missions where it was absolutely impossible to carry traditional sports equipment and small spaces.

So using parachute straps stitched together they created the “primordial” version of the TRX you see today to do The Suspension Training.

After the invention and diffusion, here comes a series of structured exercises that through the use of body weight and gravity allows you to develop a functional training system in suspension.

suspension training

TRX and combat sports

As you know if you read the blog I am always attentive to everything that comes from the world of fitness and that you want to insinuate in martial workouts and combat sports because too often you run the risk of training for things that do not bring a real benefit to your art or your sport and that make you waste time unnecessarily.

Although the training is always positive, however, you must consider that you could use that time to do something more focused on your sport.

Suspension Training is one of the tools classified as functional that allows you to increase strength and muscle mass, simultaneously with flexibility, balance and stability of the trunk, absolutely functional elements to everyday life through the use of body weight and muscle resistance training.

There is a wide range of exercises that can be done with different levels of fitness, adapting from beginners to elite athletes and today I want to propose some to start trying a small circuit that lasts only 10 minutes to start understanding if it is something that can do for you.

Feet or hands remain anchored to the unique fastening point of TRX and body weight, depending on the position and degree of tilt of the body (which can oscillate between 5 and 100), it is loaded on the body area you want to work on.

With the TRX you can really train anywhere: gym, in the living room or outdoors, and being light you can take it anywhere.

Personally I used it during a long stay in Spain where I did not have my equipment apart from the elastic bands and the rope, although there I bought a 16Kg Kettlebell that I then gave away before leaving but I must say that I took the TRX everywhere.

TRX and Kettlebell
TRX brown and black Kettlebell

Training with today’s TRX

In this first training program I propose a circuit work with the alternation of the muscles of the lower body with the upper one.

This circuit is named after P.H.A. which stands for Peripheral Heart Action.

A circuit that guarantees the improvement of circulation and cardiocirculatory function, the rise of the aerobic threshold and clearly the “toning” of the main muscle groups.

The Exercises that I chose are the basic ones of the Trx, I used the official terminology in English so that you can immediately intercept the exercise that I wrote in the manual that comes out by buying a TRX where the exercises are explained but that you can safely find everywhere now given the diffusion.

As you can see from the table below, for each exercise I did not mark the number of repetitions because this program involves running every single exercise in time.

There’s a 15-second break between exercises.

Ps. Before you start perform a good warm-up by doing the rope or vacuum.


PHA circuit to be performed with TRX at home, in the gym or outdoors.

PHA circuit with TRX

The circuit, if run literally, lasts just 10 minutes.

So if you want to try it to start training at least a second time all over again.

Run 2 – 3 times the circuit with a three-minute break between circuits.

Between the first run and the second, you’ll need to take a three-minute break.

For those who are already very trained, perform the whole circuit a third time, always with a three-minute break from the second run.

TRX and suspension training Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Have a good workout with the TRX!

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ps. Soon a training circuit in suspension with the TRX for Muay Thai and the BJJ

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