The 8 combat distances you need to know

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The 8 combat distances you need to know are a real fundamental!

The distance in combat is the space between you and your opponent and from which you can hit more easily with some shots than others.

Through footwork I can vary this distance to use my arsenal of shots and combinations of shots, closing the distance or entering a phase of struggle standing or on the ground.

Based on the distance I can build a strategy that best suits your personal characteristics and those of your opponent trying to “play” in a range where you are more comfortable and your opponent is more uncomfortable.

Clearly being two moving subjects this distance to be bridged it is essential to master two fundamental aspects of combat, footwork and timing.

Understanding the distance

Understanding and proper use of distance is one of the most important knowledge you need to have if you are a practitioner of martial arts and combat sports but in general a fighter.

Understanding the distance or range is something fundamental because it allows you to stay at a safe distance from your opponent and know from what distance to hit and what techniques we can use from that particular range.

This allows you to increase the effectiveness of your shots, the energy expenditure avoiding to shoot empty shots, have a good defense because you use the distance from your opponent correctly to your advantage.

If you do not assimilate the concept of distance in the right way and do not use it perfectly or at least correctly, an agonist, despite having a good athletic preparation and excellent techniques, will not be completely effective and will invariably be defeated.

Instead, an agonist with lower abilities, both technical and physical, but with a correct use of distance, has a good chance of becoming a champion.

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