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The coin scam stuck in the door from the car.

The Coin Scam

The coin scam stuck in the door from the car.

Now it’s not about self-defense in the strict sense of the word but it’s part of what is still prevention and context analysis, knowing some tricks that are used to distract you is important.

It is not important whether this scam is true or not, because honestly there are not many reports in Italy, but it is important as an example to understand the analysis of the context and how your attention even at a simple and routine time such as getting out of a supermarket or filling up the car in an automatic service station in the evening can hide possible pitfalls.

YOUR attention can avoid or make the attacker change his mind because he identifies you as difficult prey.

The coin scam stuck in the door from the car looks like it’s a novelty of the moment.

This is the new technique used by thieves, especially inside the parking lots of shopping malls commerciali and supermarkets.

The Coin Scam

How does that work

Someone leaves you in the door handle of the car a small dime, 5 cents for example.

When the victim pulls the handle to open the car, the coin falls to the ground.

Many women,hearing the clinking of the coin fall to the ground, get distracted and leave the bag on the seat of the car, looking for the mysterious coin that fell to the ground.

The Coin Scam

Thief in action

In that moment of distraction comes into play the thief who, taking advantage of the moment opens the other front door and steals the bag resting on the driver’s seat.

The favourite victims are undoubtedly women, but the police warn all motorists:“Close the door immediately if you want to look for a coin, or any other object that has fallen tothe ground”.

The coin scam stuck in the door from the car. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ps. Something that can happen in a different context related to the use of the car.

Everyone may have to make a simple cid for a trivial contact between two cars.

Now one thing that many often underestimate because they are distracted, angry, agitated, scared are the steps that can happen while you are writing the cid for the trivial car accident that has happened to you, where you often see people who focused on writing or arguing for those wrong or right and do not realize that they have been targeted by a thief who without being noticed approaches taking advantage of the situation and takes the bag out of the car of the bad guy.

Beware of the coin scam: so thieves steal in parked cars

“Policeare urging motorists to close the doors well and, above all, to close the car immediately if they want to look for a dime or an item that has fallen to the ground after unlocking the central lock.”


Gas stations

The coin scam stuck in the door from the car. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Another situation similar to that of the supermarket is made by several thieves in gas stations during the supplies.

There are some videos taken by surveillance cameras where you see how they operate.

The favorite victims are women because they always have a handbag to lay on the seat and so in a few moments the thief comes into action while you are distracted in refueling and opening the door takes away the bag with the loot and flees away with your documents, money, house keys, etc. and maybe even with your mobile phone.

The bag in those moments must always be with you or in the car locked!!

These two examples there I made to emphasize how important it is that you observe the context in which you find yourself because even if you are in a simple and routine context can still reserve pitfalls.

My advice if you have to do bad diesel when the station is open, if you go to the supermarket look if you can park nearby, but especially if there is something that distracts you always close the car or keep the bag with you.

Always pay attention to the context in which you are!!

Stay Tuned!

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