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How to make sparring for personal defense

how to make sparring for self-defense
How to make sparring for personal defense.
The concept of intercepting and how to make sparring for personal defense.

Surely you will have heard of fighter attributes, the attributes are the necessary qualities that you need to develop to be a good fighter, but with the term attributes you go even further because it is a term used above all to indicate what constitutes the street fighter.

Your courage, your power, your strength, your determination, your killer instict (murderous instinct), your timing, etc. so we’re talking about features that go beyond technique.

Without these qualities, your techniques without these qualities mean nothing and that’s why Bruce Lee emphasized attributes and practiced “mean” techniques.

It is not enough technique but you need the real intention to hurt, it seems bad to say it but it is about this, the technique is like having a weapon but you do not want to use it because you know to hurt or even kill, you do not need anything if behind there is no psychological work that makes you switch and become a killer at the same time you perceive the threat because in that condition you only have two chances to escape or attack with the maximum strength and violence (animals do so).

The problem is not training the technique but the attributes.

How to make sparring for personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportAttributes are those things that allow you to bring your tools (hits)!

You’re watching a fighter pull the shots, you look at the techniques he uses and you say, “I know them too, then I can fight.

No, you can’t!

You must be able to train yourself to use those techniques.”

That’s the big difference.

Often you see guys who train the technique and also with excellent style of technical gesture, then when they “play” they can not apply it and this because they have not understood how the “game” really works.

It’s the attributes that make a technique work.

Training the technique every day has a utility of its own clearly, but learning to use it, this is the most important aspect.

So spending the whole week pulling low kick to the sack doesn’t mean you can really pull it even if it’s a fundamental technical step to train in the sack, paos,etc.

One of the questions that people often ask themselves is, but how do you really do self-defense from a point of view not of prevention but of combat, when there is nothing left to do?



How to make sparring for personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Surely if you practiced Jeet Kune Do this word will be familiar to you but that is what it is, said in other words anticipate the intentions of your attacker.

On the street if you understand that that discussion can not end you can not wait and leave the initiative to the other and when you tried to de-escalate but see that there is no chance you have to attack you first, anticipating its intention that is to hit you.

You must NOT and you can NEVER leave this advantage!

This is the concept that you have to have in your head, hit immediately and first, intercept the intention, not just anticipate a shot of your attacker.

how to make sparring for self-defense

There are people in this country who say they are coaching the self-defense sparring but they are doing kick boxing and they say they are doing something self-defense, it’s not like that!.

How to sparring for self-defense?

Personal defense sparring is not the sparring that is done in combat sports although as I have repeatedly written on the blog, training the sport is a fundamental step, but here I am talking to you about a targeted work of sparring with a direct focus on self-defense.

Self-defense sparring is the art of interception and youhave to interceptit.

And you have to have a training method to be able to get to that interception distance in order to intercept (sorry the pun).

You understand a distance that nobody often talks to you.

Example, if there are 2 people in a ring that eliminate this distance, then the older guy wins, and that’s why there are weight classes.

If someone hits you to intercept his shot and you borrow that split second when he’s sore and disoriented and quickly follow a furious wave of punches or throws at his knees, head, bites and elbows – now you’re mixing the technique.

If someone on the street is fast with the jab andhas a good structure, it is difficult to intercept and because Dan Inosanto, for example, has worked hard over the years continuously explainingthe destruction of Filipino Kali to destroy the limbs.

Your attacker pulls a shot, you intercept him lifting his elbow hitting his hand and you destroy his hand, in this case it is a destruction, after which you will understand better but it is a lower level of interception because it is an active defense but still an incredible effectiveness.

With his weapon destroyed you can now enter more safely and directly.

Why do you think boxing is not allowed to raise your elbows??

Ps. I’ve seen videos of CIA trainers showing active defense techniques with elbows taught at their agents’ training courses.

Interception and destruction, these are the two main concepts that will allow you to move from sport to self-defense.

To intercept, you must be in the correct time frame.

Everyone fights too closely: boxers, kick boxers, etc.

Why is it sport and whathappens?

The biggest and strongest guy wins.

The strategy of this approach to be able to intercept is that you have to be a little “further ahead” to see the shot coming.

So you don’t just equal it – that happens when you’re too close (sports) – you have to be further away to see it and intercept it.

So a key point is that you have to understand the distance, you have to be further away.

Now you’ll wonder, “but if I’m so far away, how can I ever hit him?

Use those 2 steps: step and slide and the pendulum, mix these two steps.

You have to spend hours and hours to properly develop and master these two steps and their mixing.

This means that when the aggressor invades the space trying to bridge the gap – “boom” – it is intercepted.

If you can’t intercept, you can’t get in, and if you can’t get in, you can’t go head-to-head, punch, knee or elbow with no one worse off even if it’s bigger and stronger physically than you.

Bruce weighed 58kg, and Dan Inosanto is not a giant, mto these people could go through a man like a hot knife through butter because they have the formula

How to make sparring for personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

If I told you to sparring with this optics without giving yourself a method would not help, you would start playing sports because that’s what you’ve always seen you do qinstead of asking you to intercept, I’ll write you a game, a points system that forces you to win using this,“The Intercepting Game.”

With this game I assure you that you will learn how to intercept without you noticing.

It is necessary to reset and rebuild priorities in street combat because it is not sport.

“TheIntercepting Game” will turn sparring into a game of chess.

If you make a play of it, people will tend to shoot shots and do sports sparring as well as magic but if you turn it into a points game and everyone will start intercepting.

The reason why this training method was designed many years ago (not by me) is to make your priorities change.

The biggest thing for you right now is to hit but try to do it with a giant two-and-a-half-meter pissed-off beast and doesn’t even realize you’re hitting him.

To “pull it out,” you need to enter the catch interval.

You have to bring your knee into his groin or in the middle of his face or you just won’t win.

If you can’t hit him in primary targets but want to play head-to-head, forget it, you’re taking a big risk.

Ps. The alternative is something diametrically opposite that is being a super expert in fighting, that can be an equalizer but be careful you’re in the middle of the road, I’ll talk about grappling on the street in a specific deepening.

To access the interception interval, you need to intercept it.

The most important thing is to intercept.

This is the most important thing on the score scale compared to hitting in order to be able to train yourself properly in personal defense.

You need to reconstruct the mental concept as an approach to combat that you know, which is why you need a priority training method.

how to make sparring for self-defense

Action points in this training method:

  1. Interception – 5 points
  2. Destruction: 4 points
  3. Admission – 3 points
  4. Fake – 2 points
  5. Shot – 1 point

Now depending on the time you have you can make the time game time:

  • 3 Round from 3 Minutes
  • 2 5-minute round
  • Etc.

Or points:

  • 20 points
  • 50 points
  • Etc.

When you’re out of range (distance) that I’ve told you about and interceptions, you get 5 points which is the highest score in this game.

Every time your opponent attacks and you intercept it you get your five points.

  • If he takes a step towards you, he takes a kick in the shin;
  • or if he throws a circular kick, he kicks balls straight;
  • or if he throws a shot of haymaker you intercept him with a swipe towards his eye
  • Etc.

So when he attacks, he feels pain and when you attack him he also feels pain.

If intercepted 5 points.

How to make sparring for personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

With the interception, you hit your opponent even before his attack fully opens.

The ferocity of the attack has doubled because you borrow its momentum and pair it with your own, a match shot.

Your opponent should suffer enough to be intercepted and you borrow that second to place your volley of shots.

Intercept and drain your burst.

Take advantage of his moment of vulnerability.


  • If you haven’t intercepted it but destroyed a limb, e.g. He throws you a Jab shot or cross and you meet him with the sharp tip of an elbow and you do a damage to his hand – you get 4 points.
  • The same if he throws a high kick and destroys it with an elbow to his shin.
  • If he throws a low circular kick to your thigh, you meet the shin with a bent knee that puts him in incredible pain.

All limb destruction brings 4 points.

Destroying a casted limb makes it much easier for you to take advantage of its moment of weakness to enter the clinch and trapping distance so you can use your most barbaric tools – knees, head and elbows – to finish the fight.

The whole idea of “The Intercepting Game” is J.K.D. of course – it’s the way to get into the trapping and clinch range in the cheapest and safest way possible.

We do the maximum physical and psychological damage to the opponent to bring him to a disadvantage in order to open him further to the most barbaric tools to finish the fight.

Since your opening shot puts him in trouble starting and getting into a defensive mode, you have much less to worry about his attack, you take control and you can efficiently start using the tools you have to hit: knees, head kicks and elbows.

Only with such a strategy can you fight out of your own weight class.

Without this approach, the bigger guy will usually win.

If you can’t or can’t either intercept your opponent or destroy his limb but somehow you “measured” him and entered with a straight shot or doding managing to grab his neck in clinch – you gain 3 points.

Direct explosion is an aggressive attack, purely visceral: an uninterrupted barrage of straight punches that are very difficult to defend.

Opponents are usually hopeless in volleys of shots where it is difficult to defend especially if you do not have a defensive structure.

Grabbing his neck/head in a clinch leaves you with a good structure to deliver knee, headbutt or elbow blows.

Because you’re in a superior attacking position, in The Intercepting Game you earn 3 points.

Fake is a concept that allows you to enter a catch interval very quickly – in the Jeet Kune Do it’s called Progressive Indirect Attack (P.I.A.) – a method of hitting.

You “stealthily deceive” your opponent with a false distance and cover – you progress – and attack him on the second, or sometimes even the third, on a different line.

It’s indirect because your real intention is not the first shot,a fake.

Use it to gain distance in order to launch the second attack, in order to eliminate your opponent’s timing.

The best fighters are often excellent fake hit shooters because non you can fight a good opponent with a simple direct, without inserting something that makes him move or find out where you want.

Attack (S.D.A.) or with an Attack by Combination (A.B.C.).

You have to pretend to hit your opponent one way and attack him in another way.

For example, fake shot at the bottom and you attach it high, or vice versa and orttieni 2 points for a fake or fake.

Finally as points in the“The Intercepting Game” last and minimum is a single shot 1 point.


  • If you attacked him straight with a kick to the thigh 1 point.
  • A straight punch in the face, always 1 point.
  • Etc.

Using this score scale, you learn to redefine your brain with self-defense-oriented sparring.

You’re learning that the most important thing is to intercept both the shots and the intention.

Is a beast coming towards you?

All you see is his couple of balls coming in and I’m going to kick him to his balls.

A huge guy punches you?

Colpisci with your fingers the eye.

You have to work on primary targets, you can’t punch like on a ring in self-defense where there are no weight classes, etc.

So someone throws a heavy attack on you, intercepts or destroys a limb, and now you’re in a position to get in – straight straight! – and that’s with a fury of blows.

Ps. Remember all of Weidman’s knee interception against low kick Anderson Silva that even caused her to fracture her tibia and fibula?.

This is to tell you that it’s not just about intercepting punches, you can apply the method for each shot, this is an approach very used in the Filipino Kali, but people like Gà said several times know it just for “ah you the one with the stick!”

So now that you understand The Intercepting Game,train by first isolating one score at a time.

For example,:

  • Your training partner only throws a haymaker (a wide, swinging, street punch)and you intercept them with finger Jab (finger shots in the eye).
  • Then you pass to intercept kicks in turn with straight kicks to the balls.
  • etc. with road shots and not only don’t put limits on yourself.

Build a progression.

Starting to intercept all the shots together if you’re learning doesn’t help you learn to intercept as many tools as possible at once.

Simplify it at the beginning.

Isolating, then progressing, this is the key.

Then learn to hit primary targets and break them, then also learn how to destroy limbs and organs.

You can spend as much as 2 months, maybe just learning to destroy a jab.

But you can be sure that at the end of that period no jab will surpass you.

The way you work out becomes the way you fight.

If you understand that it’s important for you to intercept, and it should be if you’re self-defense, you have to train that way.

If you always sparring with a sports optics and then hope to intercept, you never will.

This system teaches you how to “enter” with timing in an individual with incredible effectiveness, also making single shots from a much more effective point.

It’s a training method and an approach that makes you evolve.

It’s not the techniques actually the important things but it’s how you do it.

Dan Inosanto told what Bruce Lee did when he was sparring light.

“He liked to kick the face, give a high kick… I saw him once making a wheel and punching back …”

Then he said what he did when he was really a serious sparring.

“Interception and direct explosion. “All the time? “Whenever he was serious, that was once a week.”

So you need a method.

The techniques come from the construction of foundations, which are all that lies behind the technique.

You can’t make the techniques work if you don’t have a training method, they’re your foundation.

You have to intercept and shoot.

This is the way that allows you to understand the foundations behind the technique and non there is better way than interception to put someone“out of use”.

The techniques are only there if the interception is wrong, which happens many times.

So why overemphasify the techniques?

The “fundamentals,” or training method, or philosophy, or whatever you choose to call this thing, must come first.

So follow this game “The Intercepting Game” and follow the rule ofthe points I told you.

Train in this!!

A fun way to learn and study well how to intercept first.

If you can’t, automatically destroy your limbs.

You can’t, it’s time to go straight in.

If the opportunity doesn’t occur, use the fakes with your opponent and strike.

Otherwise, you hit it directly – and that counts as a single point.

At the end of the training sessions analyze what happened.

Do this.

Now you’re sparring for self-defense, non you’re doing more sports.

You’ve moved from your weight class. Now you can sparring with a bigger opponent.

Attention!! Always wear protective gear to do sparring once or twice a week: helmet, boxing gloves, shin pads, knee pads, thighs and groin shell.

Sparring at full strength using the game strategy according to “The Intercepting Game”. . .

This is a correct method of training self-defense sparring and is a method often used for many years in the Jeet Kune Do & Kali although often many get lost forgetting the teachings left by Lee and continued with great skill by Dan Inosanto.

Use this information but don’t forget about me!

The concept of intercepting and how to do sparring for self-defense!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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