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The culture of security

The culture of security

The culture of safety.

A brief reflection on the issue of prevention against violence and aggression.

With this article I want you to reflect on the fact that the focus on prevention is focused on many important topics but little if anything on this issue.

Today it is very important to start building and providing solutions to problems related to physical violence and psychology, as well as behaviors to be held according to various situations and the type of violence/aggression.

Often in the field of women’s and non-female personal defense, it is explained how important it is that you start creating and building a “security culture“, both in terms of risk awareness and knowledge of the best behavior compared to any danger situation to adopt techniques, acquire skills and tools to help you protect yourself in the unfortunate misfortune of having a bad encounter with an unstable person or a thug.

The culture of security Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Consider that building real general rules is not easy because there are many variables and levels of severity but you need to know exactly what to do:

  • If you are attacked for the purpose of robbery
  • If you are attacked for the purpose of carnal violence
  • If you are threatened
  • If you are followed or followed
  • If you get persecuted/stalking
  • If you see someone who is being assaulted
  • Etc.

Each of these situations must have a basic response of behavior in order to be able to implement the best behavior right away.

This is very important in order to have the right attitude immediately and to solve the problem if possible at the beginning.

If you search the internet for the word prevention and safety, it’s easy to find a lot of topics like:

  • prevention of the health and safety of workers and workplaces
  • health prevention
  • prevention and behavior driving vehicles
  • behaviors in particular environments such as the sea or mountain
  • floods and natural disasters
  • fire prevention
  • domestic incidents
  • incidents at school
  • Toys
  • Pollution
  • bacterial infections
  • Etc.

Finding topics regarding defense-related personal security is rare and left to private initiatives.

Something about security you will find at airports, as you well know if you have already taken a plane that following the events of September 11, 2001 today to get on a plane the control procedures have changed, it is no longer possible to carry a bottle of water because one day someone thought to put in a highly flammable liquid, this kind of control generates increasingly complex and ingenious solutions from the crime that seeks flaws in the technical system and routine to get through drugs,weapons, solid and/or powdered explosives (which are the majority), etc.

But can they pass?

The answer unfortunately is YES, sometimes investigative journalists test the security systems and someone has succeeded and documented the whole thing.

On other topics such as those listed above you will find hundreds of documents, manuals, technical specifications, conferences, television broadcasts and more, then a team of “experts” who contribute to the creation of laws, regulations that in turn create skills, opportunities and business increasingly profitable for those who of these “security” are the guardians and custodians.

Try doing a Googlesearch.

The culture of security Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportBut what about personal safety? Is there anything?. What is being done or done to ensure that people are protected and protected from the bad guys?

The answer: Little or nothing.

They tell you that there are laws and the work of law enforcement, but the personal perception when you talk to people is usually not so comforting, since when you need it, one turns out to be a popped weapon, the other, most of the time there are not…

No blame for the strengths of the order that do their utmost with the means that year, certainly the inevitable cuts, (but also some waste and inefficiency too) do not help the work of the men of the State.

It is also more related to the perception that you have because the number of agents is the highest in Europe!

However, it seems clear and undeniable that the citizen in certain contexts is more alone, less protected, less informed than he should be and what is promised to him by politics. When you’re in the middle of the street, you have to protect yourself because you can’t expect there to be a cop in every corner.

A self-respecting security culture should be based on prevention, but in Italy this is a word used only for certain contexts.

One of the important things is to know how to behave in different situations, there must be guidelines that should not be based only on common sense because it is subjective:

  • if you’re being followed into a parking lot what do you have to do,
  • If you get stalked,
  • if a person from the apartment building or a neighbor is aggressive
  • if a violent man stalks you,
  • if a person threatens you
  • what information you need if you go to the police to ask for assistance and protection
  • Etc.

At this moment I do not want to delve into today what to do but I want you to reflect on the importance that there is in having information of this kind, quiet/or I will make you a dedicated article because prevention must be a practical and habitual exercise without getting to paranoia of course but it must not be a paper and theoretical regulation, but something clear and practical about how and what to do.

A serious programme of the culture of security must start from the school benches and should not be lowered from above with the usual authoritarian and paternalistic conception of the state that wants to be a mother on everything without giving concrete answers but only ritual words of circumstance to give a false perception of interest.

People need to know their rights and have no too many doubts and feelings of guilt that certain behaviors are wrong and need to know how to deal with these unpleasant situations and who to turn to in order to solve the problem.

Institutions and public security services must also be sensitive to these issues without ever underestimating them because often not to always tell people year anyway afraid to denounce.

It is necessary to increase trust and the sex of protection.

You also need your help to grow the culture of safety and the habit of preserving yourself.

Stay Tuned!

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