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The equipment you need to start fighting

Fighting on the ground today and what you need to fight

The evolution of the Gi and No Gi ground fight (BJJ and Grappling) is very powerful also thanks to the training methodologies,a point on which I constantly beat if you follow the blog and also thanks to the sports competitions that allow thanks to the creative flair of many athletes to expand the same art.

Bjj and Grappling instead of relying on standing percussive techniques such as punches, kicks, elbows and knees typical of boxing and Muay Thai,he has oriented himself to a strategy that prefers techniques such as projections, joint levers and suffocation.

It is a discipline in which technique and strength move with different dynamics and where in many situations the technique comes out winning to strength, also for this is becoming more and more appreciated by the women’s world and more and more also in the field of personal defense.

The fight is a powerful equalizer because bringing an opponent to the ground reduces several gaps due to the weight, height and power of the blows.

In addition the fight really allows you to do an uncooperative sparring in almost total safety as when you are in trouble you tapout, so you can practice tournaments, practice ground combat, every day without physical injuries, which is different from the contact sports on your feet where sparring with continuous blows to the head and body do not allow you to be able to do sparring every day and also for this reason in recent years have created equipment and methods of sparring more often using “light” methods.

Roll Light, New1001

What equipment do you need to start fighting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

  • BJJ Gi: it is the uniform of those who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and consists of jacket and trousers. It is mandatory to wear it in official competitions. In the gym it is not always required, but it becomes indispensable when you want to train the techniques that involve the use of the Gi as a socket or to use it to perform suffocation on the opponent through the lapel of the jacket.
  • BJJ belt: distinguishes the athlete for his experience and preparation, and is indispensable to ensure that the GI remains adherent to the body, they do not exist in grappling.
  • Rash Guard: it is a very tight technical jersey that can be worn under the Gi and is used in Grappling if you do not want to be bare-chested. There are short-sleeved and many colors and designs. The function is to put a barrier between the skin and the fabric of the Gi when practicing BJJ and protect the skin from the tatami when you are fighting No Gi. In official competitions it is not allowed to wear the rash guard,but in training it is absolutely recommended, both to preserve and extend the duration of the Gi but above all for hygienic reasons.
  • Tight shorts: They improve muscle warming and hold sweat. They are so tight that you almost won’t notice them under the Gi, and are light and comfortable when you struggle in No Gi. Your training buddies appreciate you if you put them under the Gi then put them on!
  • Protective shell: Indispensable to protect private parts. As with the mouthguard, even if the Brazilian Jiu JItsu does not involve blows, in the phases of struggle every part of the body can be traumatized, so it is better if you protect the genitals.

Go on.. “The equipment you need to start fighting”

  • Paraders: Always useful even if in theory you should not take blows in the mouth but in the emphasis of the fight it is easy to hit yourself accidentally and therefore it is always better to preserve yourself.
  • Taping: in the fight the fingers are very stressed and are often traumatized. The patch helps prevent injuries, and allows you to fight even if your fingers have minor traumas.
  • Tatami: To train and study techniques you need to do it for safety on bump absorbing mats. There are different types and thicknesses but the measure I recommend is 4 cm if you have to study and train the projections safely as well.



On the market you can find the equipment you need to start fighting, all these products (Gi, Rush Guard, MouthGuard, etc.) of the most varied and numerous brands specialized in ground fighting, both for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling.

Evaluate the quality of the materials and the processing of the seams to fight.

For the colors look what they use in your gym for gi and for Rush Guard and shorts there is everything, between colors and designs, and I think you can find something that you and your girlfriend like if she likes the fight.

Ask your master for advice because maybe you don’t need it if you start buying all this equipment that I’ve listed to you.

It is not always a rule to follow in life but from experience the price in this field is often a good meter to establish the value of a product but I deliberately do not want to tell you about brands until I have requests to try products and make you truthful reviews.

I have brand preferences that I use and choose for me but I don’t want to give you suggestions now!

Stay Tuned!

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