The focus on boxing striking

Boxing StrikingThe focus on boxing striking.

Today I want to write to you about a focus that you have to have on your boxing striking.

There are hundreds of shots you can use, but to cover all attack techniques you need to write a book (I’ll think about it).

But what I want to do today is give you a focus on the important things you need to do, whatever punch you want to throw.

I put the technical features and tactics that you have to adopt, I included things that I found useful in my experience.

I didn’t include kicks, elbow shots and knees because I want you to just focus on boxing shots.

focus boxing striking

The key concepts you need to know and train to hit:

  • When you go to punch, hold your opposite hand until you protect your face from your opponent’s counter-attacking punches.
  • Always stay relaxed.
  • Keep your chin down,hidden.
  • When you punch, hold your shoulder that pulls the blow attached to your chin, your shoulder must protect your chin.
  • Hit with the knuckles of your middle fingers and the index finger.
  • Don’t leave your fist hanging, the shot recovery must be fast and it’s just as important as your quick attack.
  • Don’t get too caught when you hit. You risk the right.
  • Don’t telegraph, don’t throw your fists.
  • Place your fists in combinations whenever possible. Not single shots
  • Vary the level (height) of your punches to increase effectiveness.
  • Vary the power of your shots. Shots don’t have to have the same power and speed.
  • Rotate the hips involved in the movement as much as possible.
  • General rule, throw out the air at the moment of impact.
  • Close the fist impact, no before.
  • Strike when you’re in range.
  • Use angles, a proper leg game to measure and gain distance.
  • Use side-to-side motion to set up your attacks.

Now while you’re training in the sack, focus pads,paos, vacuum or sparring focused on these aspects. THEY HAVE TO BECOME PART OF YOU!!!

If I forgot someone I use or use and you think it’s important to write me.

focus boxing striking

Focus on Boxing Striking, good training with you hand !!!

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