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Groin kick solver myth

kick in the balls

Groin kick solver myth or Groin Kick, is in the imagination of all a technique resolving many conflicts.

Also in common language it is used as a way of saying that indicates a quick way to resolve a conflict or to indicate something heavy received.

Kicks in balls are considered a basic technique of self-defense but is it really a solving technique as it has always been told?.

Groin Kick or the Groin Hand

The Groin Kick or the Groin Hand is a widespread self-defense technique although its application in the underworld is always pulled as infamous shot /hidden often even hand grabbing and wringing the genitals.

Most blows to the groin are usually carried out with a frontal kick to go up directly to the groin or with hand shots to go up.

A kick or punch to climb to the groin can temporarily invalidate many male opponents but given the pain inflicted by this technique without precision not always by the results so declared in many courses and many “males” instinctively protect their groin especially attackers accustomed to infamous shots or hidden by a fake conversation.

A kick in the groin can also use with a tip kick or a thrust kick although less effective and debilitating, etc. but we go to analyze them in the post.

As you know in sports and martial arts competitions groin kicks are illegal so it means they are valid for self-defense

I am a Self-Defense instructor and surely one of the things that is taught are the shots the primary targets of the human body:

But it doesn’t mean that these strikes within a non-cooperative combat context are a guarantee of effectiveness and resolution.

Let’s say they are blows that in the midst of the conflict can lead to a resolution or a time space in order to attack to finalize or escape.

The concept that you always see in videos where an aggressor stands there in front of you waiting for “fingers” in the eyes or with beautiful legs open to take a kick in the balls is nonsense.

  • Those are not the dynamics of an aggression for several reasons such as:
  • An attacker is used to doing what he does and has gained some experience
  • there are things that the attacker does on purpose or inadvertently that can cause them to have little or no effect
  • then the positions that your attacker may have
  • the type of clothing
  • environmental factors

are some elements that can prevent shots at primary targets such as kick in balls from being made ineffectively and decisively.

For this reason they are blows that must be used by learning to bring them in motion or from static positions of conflict then inserted within a fight because what you have always seen is cinema, no one attacks you frontally to you with their hands down, legs open, without putting pressure related to aggression that limits your movements.

Yes, I know they’ve been telling you a lot of nonsense for years and you’ve fallen for it!

Groin kick solver myth Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Simple and effective solutions are a beautiful fairy tale to hear and believe

I am a simplifier and I believe that the search for simple solutions to violence and not to make too sophisticated the way you fight an unknown attacker to maintain a solid position and defensive structure is the best thing but to fight simple you have to know a lot.

I have told you several times about this concept and the principle of 80/20 in combat.

But the simplicity explained by the community of self-defense experts who say it is based on reality can often become simplistic, not to say imaginative.

Or do you think that, for example, a blow to the eye will resolve the conflict or that a slap in the groin area will always leave an attacker bent, stunned and unse adept at combat, etc.

The truth about the shots at primary targets?

Man by its very nature is made to protect the primary targets instinctively and naturally by developing instinctive movements that go precisely to protect these debilitating targets.

Perhaps if you are very precise and with the right depth more than the power you can get a stumping effect and that debilises your attacker, but no result is ever guaranteed, and to hear such confident and conclusive statements about the effectiveness of such technical solutions is dangerous and leaves students a false sense of security in the techniques that are taught to them.

Here, too, there are several training methods to make more effective and inserted in a three-dimensional context of combat these techniques that if not inserted in a context remain beautiful to see for lovers of action cinema but not suitable for reality if you want to take home the skin.

Groin kick solver myth Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Situations to hit with a kick in the balls:

  • Striking from the static standing position — rare > situation, of someone doing tamarro exposing themselves to a sudden attack without protecting themselves. Definitely not an expert who is used to doing assaults for the purpose of theft or physical or sexual violence
  • Strike from standing position during combat — a real-world situation where you create space in combat to insert shots at primary targets along with other shots > to stop or demobilize the attacker in order to end it with other combinations of shots or create time space to escape.
  • Strike from the standing fighting position — > when you get grabbed and have your hands free to hit your eyes, throat or genitals or have a chance with your knees or foot to hit. Often it deals with combined movements and not single strokes.
  • Hitting from the ground fighting position — > you’re on the ground and finding the space to hit effectively

In all cases, these are shots that in the sport of both striking and ground fighting are clearly illegal and that usually stop the match by intervention of the referee to allow the athlete to recover or stop the match by disqualification or inability to the athlete to continue.

Remember! The correct way to hit the groin is always from the bottom up. So a trajectory to go up!

Opportunities to strike that are explained as effective

As I told you people are instinctively good at protecting the groin in a natural way but in this post I want to look at some of the occasions when hitting the groin does not produce the stop of the aggressor but that are often taught conclusively and unfortunately in all the lessons of self-defense.

Confidence in their pupils should never be done through illusion but through the practice of sparring (Andrea)

The famous kick in standing balls

Surely you’ve pretended to kick someone in the balls and you’ve seen that any big movement to the groin causes a susultant response that sees your legs tighten, raise your knee or pull back your hips and groin that’s gone.

This instinctive movement that with practice can lead to a better defensive response means that even without a formation the big front kicks that are pulled from the bottom up towards your attacker’s balls is likely not to reach the target if not even come into contact.

Even more complicated is to be precise if the aggressor is moving where the chances of such a successful kick diminishing considerably.

If you practice the formation of a groin kick against a partner who has a focus pad in front of you (statically everyone does it like that and I know they’ve been showing it that way for years) and you convince yourself by doing this that you’ll be able to replicate this movement in a real fighting scenario against an attacker, you’re training to fail.

What you’re doing is just the technical training of football not the ability to kick in the groin in combat.

Now I tell you that it is a kick that can sometimes work, but there are few cases of success without the correct formations and habit of hitting the moving target or to build an opening condition during the fight to get to hit.

Consider that kicks are relatively slow and require large movements that pass through a person’s peripheral vision that automatically stimulates a conditioned reflex if the person has a breakdown or training that sees the target covered or a quick retreat.

So one way to make those kicks more effective is to make the person move while you kick by creating an opening through a fake or other shots.

This movement or blow opens the groin and because the person is moving, their conditioned reflex (formed with training) or instinctive (the “shock”) becomes secondary to the need to remain balanced and stable, that is, it is actually off, so if the groin line is free at that time it has no defense.

Often between kicks and hands it is easier to use hand shots and slaps in the groin that work within a person’s peripheral vision (so that does not cause an instinctive response) and use much smaller and less identifiable movements.

Remember that the human body has evolved by putting its most vulnerable parts in its most protected areas.

As I told you before the blows to the groin to be effective must have a trajectory to rise up, if you are standing hitting the testicles from the bottom to the top.

A blow to the groin that comes in the front and then hits them forward, can be annoying and painful but not debilitating, will never have the same effect as a shot that has a trajectory to rise.


Hitting the groin struggling on the ground

This effective trajectory of hitting the groin can be more complicated to apply when the attacker is on the ground.

It’s full of videos or instructors that show you how to get rid of a fighting position like the mount or the guard to do some examples with the use of groin attacks to explain how to get rid of someone who has stuck you in that position.

In the meantime, if you are at a disadvantage in a mount position where you are below, this is a very bad position for you to find yourself in, but for your own good and to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of groin attacks in certain positions, I tell you that stretching your hands to look for the groin to find out just as the other is on top of you and his balls are beautiful protected by your own body.

If someone warns you,your legs are wrapped around you and even if your groin is accessible it is not in a way that allows you to hit it up, as your body prevents you from doing so.

This means that hitting the groin from a fighting position is not easy, it is not the most effective target in this position.

Multiple percussion can help but consider that after the first shot it would move or close the target so it is more strategic to change target going to an open and unsecured area.

Creating “simple” solutions to get rid of or exit positions that rely on groin blows to escape fighting positions where the groin can be accessible, but not vulnerable, is making you believe a false solution to a real problem by exposing yourself by trying to hit even the shots of the attacker who definitely reacts.

kick in the balls


One of the most serious restrictions on the effectiveness of groin attacks is the clothing of your attacker.

If someone’s denim horse is low, then hitting up to the groin means that the clothing will act as a buffer/barrier to your shot, slowing it down or preventing it from fully reaching its goal (this also applies to blows made with your hands).

This condition is difficult to replicate in the gym if you never try and you always train in baggy workout clothes, where the groin is easily accessible and well marked.

Kick in the balls gets complicated.

But surely you happened to see low horse dresses or worn with very low horse used for fashion in real life.

Also consider simple jeans that depending on the fit and the way they are worn by the person can create a barrier for the groin that becomes an inaccessible target.

The same can happen on the ground where not having a clear position of the groin can lead to a misjudgment of the target beyond as we said before to a complicated position to strike effectively.

kick in the balls


Now this post means that you have to stop considering shots in the balls as an effective tool?

Absolutely not!

Shots in the groin have their precise role and can be extremely effective.

What you need to understand and accept is that there are no simplistic solutions but there are different solutions for each type of condition and aggressor.

For example,:

  • sometimes you are not able to pull blows to the groin, as in the case if the attacker is a girl or you are two girls discussing, a particular attire, etc.
  • or for example if someone is pulling you from behind and it can be extremely difficult to make a heel shot at the balls,
  • or the target is moving,
  • the aggressor is well protected and move their legs being careful not to leave openings
  • the clothes around the horse are stretched;
  • or as we said before even if most of your efforts will be directed to stay on your feet instead you end up on the ground and the groin becomes a difficult goal to achieve.

Then you have to use other tools, other fakes, deceptions, to create openings and pull shots in other areas such as eye shots, throat, etc. or create through other shots to create the appropriate time to place an effective shot and possibly solver in the groin

This mentality must start to be part of a problem-solving mentality where the critical component must be brought into the worst condition because you always have to train to survive the worst opponent hoping to meet a fool that you should never underestimate.

No solution to violence should rely on a single solution or technical and the technical solution should always be integrated into an adaptation where if one thing fails, another attack response automatically starts.

You never have to rely on a technical solution that if it doesn’t work makes your whole strategy useless.

The solution/technical must be one of the many tools to have in your toolbox and you have to use it in combination with others during work.

If you only have one solution to violence that depends on the success of a ball attack then you absolutely have to review your approach and insert that technique and review it in other attacking ways that you can insert before the kick in the balls or after the kick in the balls.

You have to study combinations and ways in which other fake or attack movements can be integrated, so that if the clothing as we said little from for example renders useless your attack or the complete solution does not fail you have suffered other tools and attack strategies.

Fighting must be simple but not simplistic and I remind you that to fight simple you have to know a lot.

Stay Tuned! Self Defence is not a game!

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