The History of the Pencil

The History of the Pencil

The history of the pencil

The child looked at the grandmother who was writing a letter.

At one point, he asked her:

“Are you writing a story that happened to us? And maybe he’s talking about me.”

Grandma interrupted the writing, smiled and said to her grandson:

“It’s true, I’m writing something about you.

However, more important than words, it is the pencil with which I write.

I wish you’d use it when you grew up.”

Intrigued, the child looked at the pencil, without finding anything special.

“But it’s the same as all the other pencils I’ve seen in my life!”

“It all depends on the way you look at things.

This pencil has five qualities: if you can transpose them into existence, you will always be a person at peace with the world.

“First quality: you can do great things, but you must never forget that there is a Hand that guides your steps.

‘God’: that’s what we call this hand! He must always lead you to His will.

“Second quality: from time to time, I have to stop writing and use the sharpener.

It is an action that causes a certain suffering to the pencil but, in the end, it is more pointed.

That’s why you have to learn to endure some pain: they will make you a better man.

“Third quality: the stroke of the pencil allows us to use an eraser to erase what is wrong.

Correcting an action or behavior is not necessarily something negative: indeed, it is important to be able to maintain the right path of justice.

“Fourth quality: what is really important in the pencil is not the wood or its outer shape, but the graphite of the mine enclosed in it.

So, always pay attention to what’s going on inside you.

“Here is the fifth quality of the pencil: it always leaves a mark.

Likewise, everything you do in life will leave a trace: consequently, committed to have full awareness of your every action.”

The history of the pencil


The story of the pencil is as short as it is intense, it does not expose shocking concepts, as for many stories, however, it manages to pass on an important message with simple words, often suitable for a child.

As always I like to leave each reader the opportunity to interpret and comment according to his experience and reasoning because I propose and indicate a direction to enhance your way of training and approaching self-defense and combat sports or as in this case stimulate your thought and autonomous reasoning.

Consider that combat is also mentality, way of thinking, there is a lot of psychological construction to be able to face a fight for life or for sport.

That said, here’s what I learned about personal growth from the pencil story:

  • It’s important to be aware that really everything you do has consequences, don’t let others make important decisions for your life.
  • So many times writing we make mistakes and correct to move forward, this process is valid for everything, do not allow your mistakes to take control: learn from them and then overcome them.
  • Often, giving up the immediate fun to study, train or work is not very pleasant, but it is essential to continue sharpening to move forward with your project or struggle to achieve your dream.
  • What you do comes from within you, aligns what you are with what you do,being so to speak out of sync, does not put you in a position to freely express your potential.


Story from Paulo Coelho’s book: Like the Flowing River.


The pencil story! The pencil story!

This is also a martial art!!

Stay Tuned! The pencil story!

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