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The main targets of the human body

The main targets of the human body

The main targets of the human body (Main Body Target) are one of the fundamental studies for a sports fighter but in general for a martial arts practitioner and a personal defense practitioner.

Main Body Target, the vulnerable points to be hit in the human body

Knowing where to strike to create damage to your opponent/attacker and stopping his action is crucial.

Many have a romantic view of martial arts but it’s combat and to stop an attacker/opponent you need to hurt or damage.

The patterns you’ll see in the post is a set of schemes with main body targets with some parts of your body that you can use to hit.

These are tips for using the main body parts to hit your attacker’s precise target main bodysuits.

This scheme, however, also indicates the main areas that you need to protect so it has a double function, where to attack and the areas to be protected.

Developing defensive/evasive skills is a key aspect with developing the ability to attack.

I made you the schemes with multiple perspectives to indicate the areas well clearly, write in the comments if this is useful to you.

The main targets of the human body (Main Body Target):

1. Head:

  • Eyes: You can use your fingers to sting, or your palm to slap it.
  • Temples: Strike with your fists, elbows, or a blunt object.
  • Nose: A direct upward blow can cause bleeding and watery eyes.
  • Mandible: A lateral blow to the jaw can stun the opponent.

2. Package:

  • Trachea: A direct blow to the windpipe can prevent breathing.
  • Lateral of the neck: Here are important arteries and blood vessels. A stroke could cause you to faint.

3. Torso:

  • Solar plexus: Located in the center of the torso. A direct blow here can take your breath away.
  • Ribs: By affecting the ribs, you can cause pain and difficulty breathing.

4. Genitals: A direct blow to the genitals is extremely painful and can immobilize the opponent.

5. Legs:

  • Knees: Striking sideways or frontally can cause an injury.
  • Tibia: A kick to the front of the leg can cause a lot of pain.

Areas to be protected:

  • Always protect your head. The head is the most vulnerable area.
  • Keep your hands high and close to your face to protect your neck and head.
  • Protect your torso by leaning slightly forward and using your arms to cover.
  • Always be ready to defend your genitals, especially in self-defense situations.
  • Move smoothly and quickly to avoid leg attacks.

Defensive / Evasive Skills:

In addition to knowing where to strike, it is essential to develop evasive skills to avoid blows. This includes the use of parries, slides and evasive moves to avoid getting hit. Regular training and sparring can help you develop these skills.

Always remember that self-defense should be used as a last resort and only when you are in danger. Avoiding a combat situation is always the best choice.

I hope these patterns help you in your practice and understanding of martial arts and self-defense. The main goal should always be to protect yourself and others, do not cause harm if it is not absolutely necessary.

The main targets of the human bodyThe main targets of the human body The main targets of the human body

Main Body Target – the vulnerable points to be hit of the human body

“Main Body Targets” are regions that, when hit with precision and power, can cause intense pain, temporary incapacity or long-term damage.

Let’s see a brief description of each point and what can happen if they are hit:

  1. Skull: A very resistant area, but a powerful blow can cause a concussion.
  2. Temple: Very sensitive. A direct blow can lead to loss of consciousness or brain damage.
  3. Eyes: A blow or pressure can cause acute pain and temporary or permanent blindness.
  4. Ears: A blow or slap can cause imbalance or tinnitus.
  5. Nose: It can bleed easily and cause watery eyes, impairing vision.
  6. Mouth: May cause bleeding or damage to teeth.
  7. Chin: A direct blow can cause a concussion.
  8. Jaw: It can be fractured or sprained.
  9. Nape: An extremely dangerous area. A blow here can be fatal.
  10. Cerebellum: Affecting this area can cause balance and coordination problems.
  11. Spine: An injury here can cause paralysis.
  12. Throat: It can prevent breathing and can be lethal if severely damaged.
  13. Sternum: A powerful blow can cause breathing difficulties.
  14. Solar plexus: It causes intense pain and can take your breath away.
  15. Low belly: It can cause nausea and pain.
  16. Genitals: Extremely sensitive. A blow here can cause sharp pain and temporary incapacity.
  17. Floating ribs: The lower ribs, which are less protected, can be easily fractured.
  18. Liver: A direct blow can cause acute pain and, in severe cases, internal damage.
  19. Spleen: It can rupture with a direct blow, causing internal bleeding.
  20. Kidneys: A blow can cause bleeding and internal damage.
  21. Elbow: It can be sprained or fractured with a direct blow.
  22. Knee: It can be easily damaged by side or frontal blows.
  23. Achilles tendon: If cut or hit, it can cause inability to walk.
  24. Ankle: It can be sprained or fractured with a wrong movement or blow.

When practicing a discipline of combat or self-defense, it is essential to know these points to know where to hit in case of need, but also to know how to protect yourself.

Always remember to use this knowledge responsibly and only in case of self-defense.

Now each of these targets lends itself to being hit with soft parts or with hard parts of the human body, or through objects such as the kubotan that acts as a pain amplifier.

You can strike with an open hand with a closed hand,with strokes of the hand, foot, elbow or knee, etc.

The main targets of the human body Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Training exercises for Main Body Targets

The ability to accurately target vulnerabilities in the body and effectively defend against such attacks requires constant and targeted practice.

Here are some specific exercises and workout routines to improve these skills:

A. Aim and Precision:

1. Boxing bags or dummy: Use a punching bag to practice targeted shots. You can mark specific areas on the sac (such as eyes, solar plexus, knee) to train yourself to hit with precision or use dummys where the human silhouette is already there.

2. Partner training: With a partner, practice controlled attacks and defenses targeting specific Main Body Targets. The goal is not to hit hard, but rather to develop accuracy and timing.

B. Reaction and Defense:

1. Parade exercises: With a partner, get attached slowly by targeting vulnerable points. The goal is to parry and deflect the attack before it reaches the target.

2. Movement and positioning: Practice evasive movement to escape targeted attacks. For example, you can practice moving quickly out of the path of a kick aimed at the knee or a punch aimed at the solar plexus.

C. Strengthening and Conditioning:

1. Resistance training: Use specific exercises such as push-ups, planks, and squats to strengthen areas that may be targeted, making you less susceptible to damage.

2. Flexibility training: Yoga or stretching exercises help improve flexibility, allowing you to avoid attacks and put yourself in optimal positions to defend yourself or counterattack.

D. Combined techniques:

1. Hit combinations: Practice sequences of shots that target different vulnerable points in quick succession. For example, a blow to the knee followed by a punch to the solar plexus and then a blow to the temple.

2. Defense scenario: With a partner, create realistic scenarios where you have to defend against multiple attacks, forcing you to use different techniques and strategies based on the vulnerabilities.

Always remember to practice in a safe and controlled environment, and to use appropriate protective equipment.

Regular and targeted training not only improves your skills, but also your self-confidence, making you more prepared in real situations.



Knowing the main targets is a key aspect for a fighter as well as a personal defense practitioner.

Try to memorize these patterns and make an analysis also on defensive / evasive abilities.

The main targets of the human body.

Knowing where to strike to be effective in stopping an opponent or attacker is critical.

The knowledge of the “Main Body Targets” or vulnerable points of the human body is a fundamental component for those who practice martial arts or self-defense but great power also comes with a great responsibility.

Understanding these points must be used wisely, discerningly and, above all, with ethical responsibility.

While it is crucial to be prepared to defend yourself in dangerous situations, it is equally important to avoid excessive use of force and always seek non-violent solutions whenever possible.

True martial arts mastery lies not only in the ability to inflict damage, but also in the wisdom of knowing when and how to use it.

Stay Tuned!

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