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The main targets of the human body

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Diapositiva10 The main targets of the human body

The main targets of the human body (Main Body Target) are one of the fundamental studies for a sports fighter but in general for a martial arts practitioner and a personal defense practitioner.

Knowing where to strike to create damage to your opponent/attacker and stopping his action is crucial.

Many have a romantic view of martial arts but it’s combat and to stop an attacker/opponent you need to hurt or damage.

The patterns you’ll see in the post is a set of schemes with main body targets with some parts of your body that you can use to hit.

These are tips for using the main body parts to hit your attacker’s precise target main bodysuits.

This scheme, however, also shows you the main areas that you need to protect so it has a double function.

Developing defensive/evasive skills is a key aspect with developing the ability to attack.

I made you the schemes with multiple perspectives to indicate the areas well clearly, write in the comments if this is useful to you.


Diapositiva6 The main targets of the human body