The meaning of the logo of the Kali Filippino

Logo Kali Filipino FMA Escrima Eskrima

The meaning of the Filipino Kali logo!

I believe that for a practitioner of Kali Filippino it is important to understand the meaning of the symbol that represents this incredible martial art, often unknown or trivialized to the “simple” fight with the stick.

Often when they ask you, what martial art you practice to your answer they say “ah ok I know you fight with the stick” going to exclude the vastness of the
12 areas of Kali
and its subgroups.

Now surely the Kali is also the fight with the stick that is the weapon used pee start and to explain and arrive also all the other weapons but the vastness of its technical baggage is not limited to weapons alone.

Every aspect of combat is explored in Filipino martial arts coming to energetic and esoteric/religious aspects so please clear from your head that Kali is fighting with the stick because it’s like I told your friend if he knows what the sea is and he tells you yes the one with the waves, surely it’s true that the sea has waves but everything else??.

So get ready to immerse yourself in one of the most complete and deadly martial arts you do by man.

Now returning to the logo that represents this martial art these are the symbols that compose it:

Logo Kali Filipino FMA Escrima Eskrima


So if you’ve ever wondered what is the symbolism behind the Filipino martial arts logo used for the system in the Inosanto/Lacoste system, here’s the explanation:

  • The triangle represents the Universe.
  • The circle represents the Creator: the form with continuous movement.
  • The Kali Triangle: love, compassion, humility.
  • The stick: the core of Filipino martial art. The first weapon taught, from which to learn all the other weapons.
  • The blade (points upwards towards “Life”); The blade is taught after the stick.
  • The fist that represents the art of the empty hand of the Philippines.
  • The half moon symbolizes the “half” of the Philippines (South Philippines), which have never been under Spanish rule, and also the “moonlight”, which was the only time that Kali practitioners could safely practice their art during Spanish domination.
  • The four parts of the circle represent the four Saints called by the Kali.
  • Practitioners: Saint Michael, San Gabriel, San Uriel and Saint Raphael.
  • Ancient “K” for Kali, Kaliradman.
  • Ancient “E” for Eskrima, estocada and Estoke.
  • Ancient “S” for Silat.


Now I hope it’s easier for you to read the Filipino Kali logo that represents your martial art.

You have to be aware!!

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