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The Multiple Attacker System Knife Drill

The Multiple Attacker System Knife Drill

The Multiple Attacker System Knife Drill

What I want to explain to you today is one of the best exercises to learn how to defend yourself with a knife because it forces you to use an aluminum or hard rubber training knife to repel one or more opponents.

It is an unconventional exercise because it prepares you to have a knife and use it to defend yourself if you are attacked.

As you know or can imagine unjustified transport of cutting weapons is prohibited by law and therefore you are committing a crime if you carry a knife in your pocket while taking a walk, if you keep it in the car, etc.

This drill aims to use a cutting weapon against multiple attackers and as a result is the use of the knife to find the space to take the skin home, then escape.

The principle is: you have a weapon, then use it.

Using it means in the extreme case of hitting to protect yourself or create space to get away and take the skin home, that’s your goal.

It is useless that I tell you that you are committing a crime but unfortunately in some countries the legislation prohibits the transport of cutting weapons, each country has its own laws and regulations.

You may not have the opportunity to use it if you think you’re only going to use it if the situation gets harder because you may not have time to pull out the weapon or your attacker wouldn’t hesitate to do the same courtesy to you.

Also consider that it could also happen that seeing you so determined the attacker or attackers understand that it is better to avoid because you are not one willing to give in a step.

Although these speeches may seem extreme to you in reality they are not because the episodes of violence in themselves are extreme and do not reason with the mind of a polite and civilized person who works and in the evening returns home to his family but that of a delinquent, of a violent or a murderer.

Surely it may be appropriate to consider not escalating the escalation of violence and trying to leave if possible but if you can’t avoid it your alert and violence status must go from zero to 100 because you can’t discount yourself.

Now after this brief premise returning to exercise, attackers must be protected with a helmet with visor or grille, protective glasses, boxing gloves, elbow pads, groin protection shell and shin shin-shiners.

If you want you can also put the body protector.

The Multiple Attacker System Knife Drill

Knife Drill for Self Defence Exercise:

It starts with a single attacker moving towards you with obvious bad intentions.

Attackers should emphasize aggression and intention to simulate and create maximum stress and adrenaline rush.

The goal is to never get touched in any way.

Attack the body part of the attacker who is closest to you, his arms if he is trying to take you, his body, his legs if he kicks, etc.

As soon as you get one or two good cuts or tip shots, the attacker has to pull back two to five seconds to simulate what would happen if he actually cut into a fight.

After the break, the attacker must attempt another assault for another attempt.

Continue like this for three minutes.

When you feel comfortable with an attacker, switch to two and add another attacker and so on.

Feeling comfortable means an attacker never touches you and is always hit which means he’s been hurt or killed.

An important thing is not to look for random targets, try in the “chaos” to be as precise and effective as possible, display the primary targets to hit.

stamp warning with red text on white

attention!! Protections and safety equipment are essential, always use the utmost attention to the safety of yourself and your training partners.

Remember that the more you simulate real and stress conditions the more dangerous training can become.

It is important that no matter how many people are attacking you, both you and your “aggressor” must attack with conviction.

Training in this way creates an adrenaline rush that you have to learn to manage because its effect affects your fine motor movements that makes you lose control and precision but instead you need to learn to manage them to make them effective and not random in a strong condition Stress and adrenaline rush.

The Multiple Attacker System Knife Drill

Keep the following points in mind:

Don’t focus solely on your attacker.
Use your peripheral vision to determine if other attackers are approaching. Look for a safe place to run and run.

Keep moving.
Use your leg game to keep someone sneaking behind you. Try to find yourself with a wall behind you if possible. Don’t run between two or three attackers because they’ll be like a swarm on you. Hold a position and create a movement that allows you to tackle only one at a time your attackers. Look for a location that allows you to never be surrounded.

Don’t panic.
While the attack is happening, extend your awareness so you can tell where the attackers are without turning to look.

Good knife training with “The Multiple Attacker System Knife DrillThe Multiple Attacker System Knife Drill

The joy of discovery

There’s so much to say and do in blade fighting or short knife fencing and I don’t think it can be presented with a few articles.

The four exercises presented here could keep you busy for months or even years.

Remember that the purpose of training with cutting weapons is not always necessarily to learn a lot of techniques with the knife but is also related to the concept of psychologically preparing to use a knife if necessary.

This is an often overlooked phase but before it happens but I hope for you and me never, but if you decide to bring a personal defense knife with you in addition to the knife fighting principles and concepts that we study you are psychologically ready to use it in case of danger, it is not such a foregone conclusion.

A blade will give you a huge advantage in combat but also in other areas of your life.

Stay Tuned!

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