The Nut Cracker drill

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu WrestlingThe Nut Cracker drill is one of the best drills against the ground & pound road that compared to the ground & pound sport has different characteristics.

The expression ground and pound refers to two actions or if you want attack sequences, the first is a knockdown related to a takedown/projection/push/blow and then a repeated series of blows, which can be punches in the face, kicks, etc.

When you are in a sporting situation, you only fight against one opponent, and that opponent almost always starts or is in front of you.

Street ground and pound vs Sport ground and pound.

In a street situation, the actual killing can take place from the side, from a blind spot or directly behind you, because it is likely that those who attack you will do so without warning you or secretly, waiting for the moment when you are distracted or creating himself or an accomplice the distraction to hit you or throw you to the ground and continue to hit you with a discharge of blows.

When we are knocked down from one of these angles mentioned above, it is a completely different experience, which disorients and makes us lose the sense of one’s own position and that of the aggressor.

Imagine the feeling of receiving a foul in the sport of football, you are mowed down and fall without having seen who made the foul, you find yourself on the ground with the referee who whistles the foul, it usually ends there and starts again.

It is an even different feeling in the case of a projection during a tournament or a rolling fight on the ground, of BJJ, grappling, Judo or Sambo, which is surprising but often you have the awareness of where you are and where the opponent is also because you started from a condition of one to one, or stalling by grasping.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Wrestling

As in fighting and aggression in the street, even in the sport of football, you can be knocked down from literally any angle maybe just while you are watching another opponent.

The difference in sports is that once this happens like in football, the game stops and is over but instead when it happens in a street brawl, you’re just getting started.

The Nut Cracker drill Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The moment, the instant you hit the ground, hit from an invisible angle, your goal is to try to land gently on the concrete (instead of slapping it), and instantly rotate towards the aggressor and pull him into your guard.

While you have landed safely on the ground and are carrying the opponent on guard, you must simultaneously grab his head and wrap around his arm.

Once you reach this position, you have to hold on for a few seconds and, at the appropriate time, “bite the face” (Kino Mutai), kick away the aggressor (here too there are specific techniques for this type of action) and “simply” stand up to hit and run away.

Kino Mutai should only be used as a last resort! These days, the thought of having the blood of an unknown person in the bag is certainly questionable.

The second half of the Kino Mutai equation is the gouge to the eye without interruption!

However, in a life-or-death situation, biting at just the right time could create enough space to escape and/or save your life.

Kino Mutai is part of the Philippine martial arts heritage and uses to bite more than 100 points in the human body!

Do you remember Mike Tyson with Evander Holyfield who during the match with a bite detached a piece of his ear?.

Tyson Kino Mutai

This is the best and surest thing a human being can do against another human being attempting a ground and pound.

If instead of warning him your attacker climbs into mount you are in the shit, you must have superfine fighting skills to get out of a mount with an aggressor who throws punches at you.

For this reason, as with all techniques, this maneuver should be trained repeatedly and intensely to make it enter the subconscious and make certain responses under stress automatic and one of the best ways to do this is the nut cracker drill.

The Nut Cracker drill Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The Nut Cracker Drill

The Nutcracker Drill consists of putting one person in the middle and 6 others but also up to 12 people who participate and who will be the aggressors, with different heights, weights and physicality.

The person in the center is about 3/5 meters from all training partners.

Each person around the circle is assigned a number, and the instructor arbitrarily calls these numbers.

When you hear your number from whatever angle you are, compared to the man in the center you simply have to leave and attempt a ground and pound.

The aim of the boy or girl in the center will turn to the advancing opponent, pull him into the guard, wrap around the arm and neck, cling for 5 seconds, then immediately get up and within 3 seconds the instructor will shout another number.

The whole process is repeated, 10 to 20 times on each boy or girl who is in the middle, it may seem like a lot but at the end of the day, this is a skill that could make you go home whole, maybe with some injuries but with your legs.



Surely if you are a fighter, you will find yourself more comfortable catching and guarding by blocking your arm and head, hitting your attacker and getting up, and then continuing to drill back to the ground, etc.

I say this because not having the fundamentals of struggle if you practice self-defense is something totally wrong, it means that you do not have the perception of the real dynamics in a street fight.

If you go to my Instagram channel that I never sponsor because I am not social at all, not because it is unpleasant but precisely because this is not a commercial blog, you will see many real videos and you will understand better that in a street clash it is likely that you will end up on the ground.

Now it does not mean that you have to do a fight competition on the street because you are on the concrete, there are shots, potentially random obstacles, bottles, knives extracted from the pocket, kubotan, house keys, etc. but knowing the fundamentals of a blue belt, is a good starting point.

Stay Tuned!

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